Sun Hongbin outgoing chairman Letv eight months of the end of the era of financial innovation | Sunhongbin

  Eight months of the end of "the era of financial innovation." Source: Securities Times reporter Yue Wei old things unfinished music Watch (300104) adds new things。 March 14 evening, the music network announced that the resignation of chairman of Sun Hongbin, no longer hold any position in the music network。   From July last year, Sun Hongbin took office Letv chairman held a closed-door will turn the tide, to wash the Board of Directors big shake to the music, as the big department, "blood transfusion", to the recent "speed connection," Sun Hongbin hastily ended in Letv 8 May the chairman role。
  Notice disclosure, Sun Hongbin resigned due to employment reasons to adjust the music network chairman train that was scheduled to serve until October 13, 2018, by the director after the resignation of general manager Liu Shuqing took the performance of their duties。   Contact Recent events point of view, the issue may already resigned Sunhongbin signs。 February 23, LETV extraordinary general meeting on the second trading day of the new year, Sun Hongbin absence。   After the "Sun Jia alternative" music Watch the crisis has remained unsolved, has gone through the termination of the acquisition of music as the Motion Picture; shares resume trading limit face 11; in 2017 the huge loss of 11.6 billion。
In the EGM, Jia Yueting pledge warehouse explosion, music, as the capital of a critical situation, the future direction of the music network, follow-up support financial record and so the old and new question remains the topic of most concern investors。   Shortly after this shareholders' meeting, Jia Yueting warehouse explosion of an announcement message is to sit real, so that the future direction of the music network again dust, then Letv March 2 issued a clarification notice, then let the Sun Hongbin attitude increasingly clear。   In this the announcement, the music network for Jia Yueting pledged stock warehouse explosion, Sun Hongbin may be part of the message then set to clarify that the financial record of China took Jia Yueting No stock held by the music network plans or arrangements。
  In the month before the general meeting of shareholders, it is the music network announced the termination of the acquisition on the eve of the resumption of the music as the Motion Picture, Music Watch held an investors briefing, Sun Hongbin publicly expressed misjudged the music as a gateway linking party debt problems, he said. " We will try, hope no regrets, but if still no way, it can only regret, there are a lot of regrets in life。
"" People sometimes have to dare to call sun and moon renewal days, sometimes you have to speed connection。
"It is understood that the past year, financial record public caliber of music, as the system has been 'hit' at more than 17 billion yuan huge amounts of money。
This is mainly in January last year to 15 billion yuan won Letv% stake in the music, as the studios a 15% stake, and music, as the Zhixin (renamed as music, as the intellectual home)% stake; in November 2017, also the music Watch and Music Television Co. provide one hundred million yuan and total home loan is not more than 3 billion yuan of debt guarantees。 Recently, Tianjin Jiarui's financial record and music as the intellectual home for replenishment of 300 million yuan。
But the music network's financial "black hole" is still hard to solve。
  It is noteworthy that, yesterday afternoon music Watch the initiative to apply for provisional arrest, some analysts believe that the reason may be suspended precisely because of the resignation of chairman of Sun Hongbin news leaked ahead of time。
  14 evening, music Watch also issued a verification suspension notice, the suspension reason the Department of recent share price increase is too large。   From the recent share price performance, the music network seems to be "revived" trend。
March 13, 14, two consecutive trading days closing price rose 10% and% respectively, compared with February 13 the lowest closing price yuan / share gained%。 Since the resumption of trading since January 24 this year, LETV total turnover of more than 200% the past five trading days up to more than 40% of total turnover。
  March 13, Music Watch the daily limit, Exchange after-hours data show that Shanghai Branch to buy yuan, Minsheng Securities sold 12.32 million yuan in Henan Branch。
Cixi Guanhaiwei buy 32.22 million yuan; Great Wall Securities Hangzhou West Wenyi Road, Galaxy Securities Xiamen Wu Mei, Hangzhou, CITIC Securities heart of South were bought over 20 million yuan。 After opening limit plate continuous word in the music network, the same day the next business department of CITIC Securities Shanghai Branch for the first time limit and have list。
  Sun Hongbin resigned hastily declared the music network "era of financial innovation," the curtain call。 On the other side, March 12, Jia Yueting just released microblogging, Faraday FF91 being cold winter test in Minnesota, the car is expected to be delivered before the end of this year, targeting luxury electric SUV, the domestic price may reach 2 million yuan。