For men: Yin and yang is more important than

[Lead] men care a say, in all likelihood would think that men need to impotence。 Yin?joke!It is a woman's thing。
Yin let a man, a man will say: you only need to do yin?I heard it?Woman is sleeping animals, man is eating animals。
However, this view is wrong。
From the Chinese point of view, more important than men yin and yang。
Can not afford to eat a lot of good metabolic draw an analogy, if there is a container, seeing it as the human metabolic system, then kept good food stuffed inside, the plug more, how about the results?Human metabolism can not afford, since it is far more than the body needs, this time, it will be deposited in the body, resulting in aggregate, turned into heat, heat into Xiehuo, Xiehuo going up, people will feel dizzy brain up, uncomfortable, Xiehuo go down, it will affect a man's prostate。
At this point, if a man also kept to this container stuffed a good thing, then, can only be stoked。 Spleen and stomach yin there is such a case。 A 45-year-old middle-aged man, months and years to eat supplements, the more make up more not the spirit, his face ashen, weak。
Finally, he was very angry, feeling high prices to buy these good things are quite unlikely, and angrily, he put all the supplements are thrown, eating bread and water every day。 As a result, a year later, his body is surprisingly good, the whole body also strong。
A Chinese medicine to resolve his doubts, not that supplements can not eat, but your spleen and stomach is in the eating supplements can not be absorbed in the body to produce fire Yu, Yu fire burns your body fluid, so your whole body like burned as。
Of course, there is no spirit。 Coarse food light meal raising and stomach, spleen and stomach conditioning good, the body naturally stronger。
Wangcai Li said, Yin Yang is the material basis, is the yin yang of functional performance。 One can imagine, if not the substance, which is functionally talk?Such a man is actually very simple to Yin Yin, a woman that men want to learn。 Learn every day and the old lady, morning drink honey water at night to drink porridge dates。 Every day, insist on drinking barley water, remove stomach moisture。
Often eat yam, spleen。
Well spleen function, a robust man naturally。
Try this side: Poria, Atractylodes, Codonopsis, yam 10 grams, jujube 5, are a boiler, it can boil after 20 minutes。
Morning and evening drink twice。