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What are the different types of newborn?Newborn baby is just born, you know that the newborn, which has several types of it?The following night on the network to talk with you exactly what the newborn, which has several types。What are the different types of full-term newborn children every term (over 37 weeks gestational age less than 42 weeks) after delivery, birth weight more than 2500 g who morphology and function of the body organs has reached a considerable degree of maturity are called mature newborn full-term child or children, often referred to as neonates。A layer of white on the rear cover vernix term neonates born after fetal fat absorbed by the skin is slightly red。2 after birth?3 days jaundice, 3?5 days and reached the peak to 7?10 days jaundice, jaundice living。
And two in the nose often pale yellow whitehead, sebaceous。
Forehead, shoulders and tail sacral leave a little lanugo。Oral palatal line on both sides of the yellow-white dots, called epithelial beads。
Small white patches, commonly known as "Maya", "die", the epithelial cells are deposited or due to mucus gland retention caused, disappear after several weeks, must prick with a needle in a wiping or gingival margin, to avoid infection。
There are both sides of the mouth to help suck the fat pad, folk say this fat pad is "mantis Tsui", when sucking milk newborn not prick it with a needle, infection, or sepsis after the occurrence of a lot!Male and female newborns born a few days after breast nodules, affected by maternal endocrine, cut not to squeeze the breast。Most baby boy testicles has dropped both sides。
Baby after birth may 3?4 days false (by the maternal endocrine effects)。What are the different types of preterm newborn child, also known as immature children, pointed out that less than 37 weeks gestational age at birth (regardless of weight above or below 2500 g)。
Generally the smaller the gestational age more light weight, maturity worse, the lower the survival。Birth weight preterm child care is very important, to keep warm, to maintain a constant body temperature, if the temperature does not rise, to sleep warm box (should be at home with a hot water bottle or adjust the room temperature)。It should be maintained at room temperature for 25?27 ℃, humidity maintained at 55%?65%。Unless there is bruising, difficulty breathing, oxygen inhalation does not normally。
Maternal milk secreted entirely suitable for digestion in preterm premature children of absorption, with the ground sucking milk supply will gradually increase。