How bronchiectasis attention to diet?Five recommended diet

Bronchiectasis is a common respiratory disease, the incidence rate is too different ages, the treatment of bronchiectasis is to eliminate pathogens, promote mucus discharge。Try several therapeutic methods below daily life in patients with bronchiectasis。Conditioning a therapeutic bronchodilatory therapeutic side, gelatin rice porridge。100 gram of water to rice porridge, porridge would be cooked, mashed added 30 g of gelatin, braising, cook while stirring 3?4 boiling, add brown sugar to taste, take an empty stomach, once a day, half a course of treatment。
Fang nourishing gelatin hemostatic effect, rice Spleen Yifei。
Congee together, with Yin tonic, nourishing effect of bleeding, quite efficacious for the disease bronchiectasis hemoptysis。
Two diet, lily 100 g, 35 g of honey, 50 g of sugar, sugar little osmanthus。
First peel lily, then with honey, sugar into the casserole together, plus a bowl of water, fire boiling, turn affix simmer for about 15 minutes, add osmanthus sugar, edible Dailiang。
Diet Third, a large pear, washed, not peeled, diced, 10 g Chuanbei, research into pear fine mixing butyrate, steamed in the steamer discharge, 1-2 times a day, even 5 -7 days。Diet Four, almond 60 grams, 50 grams of dry cabbage, lung 1, 300 grams of pork, and cook until thoroughly cooked, add ginger, salt seasoning food。Diet five, with the effect antitussive, expectorant, bronchodilator cough phlegm person suitably winter melon seeds with 15 grams of finely smashed add crystal sugar, 2 times a day, boiled water。
Tips: pay special attention to the diet, bronchiectasis patients should be light-based foods in their daily lives to add enough water。
In the diet is also not the same, choose their own food nursed back to health。
Attention to the body rest, remission can be used for breathing exercises and proper body physical exercise。Promote digestion, to ensure the health of the body。