These little habits make you boiled heart disease!You have to be careful (1)

  Life we develop a variety of habits, smoking, drinking, staying up late some of these bad habits and some love sports, love reading and other good habits will have, then you know that you will or every little habit and more significant impact on you or less of your body?Love reading will keep you memory and brain function; love games make you good health, improve heart and lung function; alcoholism let you unexamined, damage the liver function, etc.。Now cardiovascular disease has become a major killer of human health, and those likely to be ignored our little habits are pushing us to the edge, so I'm on the verge of controlling the disease。
  Bad habits affect heart health 1, Smoking This is a problem we can not avoid in life there are a lot of people smoke, but also a lot of people have a chance to second-hand smoke forced suction, and smokers will suffer more than twice than ordinary people because the nicotine in cigarettes or tobacco chemicals can damage the blood vessels of the heart, blood vessels if the cracks, cholesterol will build up, over time will eventually heart disease。  2, life is stressful and a lot of people because of the pressures of life, work and study pressure led them to live under tension every day, but emotional stress can lead to nervous then is to make arrhythmias, endocrine disorders, affect the heartbeat, stimulating hair。
So when you fear all day unbearable, you need to stop and think calmly about。  3, the result of eating too much overeating is caused by too much body fat, and obesity lead to high blood pressure, high blood fat, diabetes, and these in turn induce disease。So not only will let you eat too much body out of shape, but also have a serious impact on your health, so, three meals a day to moderate the amount of law。  4, stay up all night long after midnight sleep can lead to。Even night owls can guarantee 7 hours of sleep a day, the possibility of them suffering from heart disease will increase。
If all the men go to sleep until after midnight, the likelihood of atherosclerosis was significantly higher。
This is because people are accustomed to sleep at night living and working more pressure, used to work late into the night so will result in an additional burden on the heart。
  Some small habit, you do not pay attention, but harm to you but it is not small。Care of the body, the side away from the start to get rid of those bad habits, bad habits do not wait to go drag your body changes, you can only come when the pain suffered!  Six kinds of signs of a sudden, difficulty breathing, dizziness, difficult breathing when you feel it is difficult to take a deep breath, you might think your lungs are a problem, but it is also probably due to the faint of heart caused by too little oxygen in the blood the result of。Officials believe the first sign of difficulty breathing, shortness of heart disease are usually Series。In a Harvard study, 40% of female patients in the six months before being confirmed have shortness of breath and so on。
  Features: You will feel like you are at high altitudes, like not inhale more oxygen。
Your head will feel very light, and even dizziness。Persistent asthma or lung discomfort also can make you wonder whether the heart problem。
  Response: shortness of breath can be both lung problems may also be heart problems, in order to avoid dragging behind, early detection is king。
  2, pounding heart, violent or sudden irregular or missed by increased heart rate, irregular heartbeat can in the first few weeks or a month or two episodes remind you: you have to pay attention。If only arrhythmia, and not accompanied by the acceleration of the heartbeat, then the situation is also slightly better, but once irregular heartbeat, while also accompanied by accelerating beats per minute (ie on medical ventricular tachycardia), then body has been explicitly indicated, you should immediately go to the hospital。
Especially after exercise, once ventricular tachycardia occurs, the most likely sudden death in a short time。So be sure to ask for help in the shortest possible time。  Features: the symptoms easily and panic attacks (a disease, also known as acute anxiety attack) confused。
Typically, there is no obvious incentives can lead to sudden heart rate and arrhythmia, but there is a ventricular tachycardia is caused by the strenuous exercise。
When these phenomenon lasted 1-2 minutes, dizziness, weakness has cropped。
  Response: seek medical advice immediately。
  3, nausea, stomach pain, indigestion if you have these reactions without any obvious reason the case, then you most likely cardiovascular problem, causing stomach upset。
As the artery clogging fat deposits will be reduced or even block the transfer of blood to the heart, which can cause angina。
These symptoms in some thought it was a small problem, in order to avoid going to the clinic or the hospital women who most common。This is why 42% of women with heart disease and died in the past year, while only 24% of men died over the same period。
  Feature: when you developed the symptoms, rest time will help you relieve discomfort。If this is a sign, then these symptoms will not last long, but has been repeatedly。
So, once you've eaten in the past habitually taking antacids, antiemetics and so soon after a relapse, then we must consider the heart of the problem。
  Response: a few days to observe your symptoms, with a healthy diet, to determine not stomach or food issues。
If symptoms persist, then go to the hospital for a professional examination of the gastrointestinal tract, do not forgot to remind physicians to heart problems。  4, extreme fatigue if you have a period of days, weeks or even months of overwhelming fatigue, so that declaring a problem with your heart。
Of course, you might say cold will feel tired, but persistent fatigue is not simply caused by a virus。According to the National Institutes of Health reports that more than 70% of women will be extreme fatigue in the weeks prior to the confirmation of those with heart disease。
  Features: Fatigue is sudden, and no strenuous exercise, lack of sleep or illness and other incentives。
Usually, you will as usual be a new day, but soon you will be caught in extreme fatigue, in the afternoon you will be completely no energy。In addition, a heavy limbs is another signal。
  Response: rush to the hospital to check it。
  5, excessive sweating unusual motion when you do not sweat it suddenly for some time, then this is often a signal before you attack heart disease。
For women, it feels more like hot flashes or night sweats in menopausal。According to the University of Chicago, before the onset of the body such as neck, back, scalp, palms or soles of the feet will sweat a lot。
  Features: flu-like symptoms, it is not caused by a cold usually lasts more than a week, or repeatedly over a long period of time, these are the signs of heart problems arise。  Response: sure you have a cold, if not, you are welcome to hospital。
  6, shoulders, neck, jaw or arm pain, chest pain is the most common and one of the well-known phenomenon, which is why, it is easy to ignore other similar information: such as shoulder, neck pain, etc.。In fact, physical pain signal will pass through the heart caused by nerves around the spinal cord and down to, and including the range of radiation close to the vertebral strength。
Therefore, cardiac problems, you will feel the neck, chin and even the ears may feel pain。This pain can be very sharp, but it may be just a dull pain that you think it's just a simple muscle strain。In patients died of heart disease, more than 50% of people suffer heart disease first attacked the impression that these symptoms。
In fact, a clear understanding of the pain it is to get the key to rapid healing, unfortunately, it is also difficult to shoulder pain and heart disease link together。
  Features: pain these small places are easily overlooked in patients, but not without trace。
For example, when you one day find a little sore neck, and then the next day on the neck It does not hurt anymore, can the third day ear or chin but began to ache, then this means that you have a problem heart arteries。
  Response: If you continue to hurt for a few days no good, then you can safely eat painkillers。If the location of the pain can shift up and down, then you may have to go to the hospital。