Eastern and Western health methods have their own merits


Eastern and Western health methods have their own merits

Differences in health care methods Chinese health advocates the cultivation of sexual temperament, practicing Qi and repairing the heart, pursuing internal strength, that is, raising qi, is the so-called “cultivating qi, nurturing the heart, nurturing the body, humbly and static steam, making people raise their hearts.”, to raise their anger, to be full of enthusiasm, and to be safe.”

The “painting and painting health” is the best annotation of the “clear heart and quiet” longevity.

Practice has proved that among the painters and painters in developing countries, there are too many hundred-year-old birthday stars. For example, the famous modern calligrapher Sun Mofo, 107, has stated that he is more focused on health.

He said, “writing itself is an activity, one tube is in hand, and all thoughts are gone.” To achieve “there is a static in the movement, there is movement in the silence, and the blood suddenly penetrates.”

銆€銆€If Chinese paintings and calligraphy are a kind of “internal strength”, then the health of foreign life stars is mostly focused on sports and even taking some risks.

Teresa of the United States?

On his 100th birthday, Mrs. O’Connor was not satisfied with sharing family fun with her children and grandchildren, but 鈥渇lying wings鈥?

She happily drove a spaceship near Queen Mary’s mountainous area and landed on a golf course after flying over the tanker and factory.

銆€銆€Traditional dietary differences In the eyes of health care providers around the world, diet has always been regarded as a key element in the health care system.

Chinese health care industry has always believed that vegetarians can live longer.

Buddhism monks, pay attention to vegetarianism “do not kill”, the eternal sorghum in the hundred-year-old birthday star is indeed quite a lot.

Among the ordinary people, the long-awaited 100-year-old birthday star is not uncommon.

銆€銆€However, in the West, many hundred-year-old birthday stars are mainly based on restaurants, and even longevity people who live with oysters are also very popular.

Such as Russia’s Hajikimad?


The basic foods of Jaganov’s life were cheese, goat’s milk and milk. He reached the age of 135.

銆€銆€Differences in health concept Oriental health is expensive in “cultivating the heart”, called “abstinence and solidification”, that couples love is too strong, too much sexual intercourse is not conducive to good health, it will damage the life.

For example, Luo Mingshan, a 114-year-old old Chinese medicine doctor in Mianzhu County, Sichuan Province, said that 鈥渢he young and the strong will be absent, and the old will be separated鈥? which means 鈥渢he treasure of the kidney essence, can’t run lightly;old”.

He also practiced himself, separated from his wife after marriage, and was in the same room with his wife at regular intervals.

The Western health is focused on publicity, and there is a desire.