Twelve o’clock Meridian Health Comparison Table 12 o’clock corresponding to five lines

Twelve o’clock Meridian Health Comparison Table 12 o’clock corresponding to five lines

Twelve o’clock Meridian Health Pregnancy Table Twelve o’clock corresponds to the five elements in the great motherland medicine, and the twelve o’clock coincides with the twelve meridians of Chinese medicine.
Each meridian runs the most active one hour.
Below we make a summary of each hour and the operation of each meridian, I hope to help everyone, and the ancient twelve o’clock corresponds to the five elements is also very magical and great creation.
At 12 o’clock, when the meridians are used to maintain the gallbladder (23:00-1:00), the gallbladder is the most prosperous. The ancient Chinese believe that: “The liver is qi, diarrhea in the gallbladder, and it becomes the official of the Zhongzheng, the five internal organs.Six 鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?鑵?Some people are reluctant to remove the patient’s gallbladder, which is irresponsible.
Bile needs metabolism, and when people fall asleep before the child, the gallbladder can complete the metabolism.
“How daring is clear, how clear the brain is.” Anyone who falls asleep before the time of the child wakes up in the morning and has a clear brain and a rosy spirit.
On the other hand, if you don’t sleep before the child, the spirit and the face are innocent. The bile lacks the metabolism of the gas and becomes rich and crystallized. The formation of stones is like the sea water becoming thicker and the salt is formed. In this part, people will use the “biliary” gallbladder.At this time, you need to go to bed, which is conducive to bone marrow hematopoiesis.
When the liver is ugly (1:00-3:00), the liver is the most prosperous, “the liver is hidden in the blood”. People’s thinking and actions depend on the hepatic blood support, the waste blood is cut, the novel blood is born, and this kind of metabolismIt is all done when the liver is the most ugly.
Meridian Health Network believes that: “The person lies in the blood to the liver.”
If you don’t fall asleep when you are ugly, your liver is still exporting energy, and you can’t complete your metabolism.
Therefore, the person who did not fall asleep before the ugly time, his face was gray, his emotions were burnt and anxious, and he was prone to liver disease.
The most ugly time of liver transplantation is the best time for liver repair, which is also an important time in the 12-hour health regime.
When the lungs pass through the sputum (3:00-5:00), the lungs are the most prosperous. The lungs are turned into a hundred veins. When the liver is ugly, the new blood is supplied to the lungs and sent to the whole body via the lungs.
Therefore, people are ruddy and energetic in the morning.
When you are sick, people with lung disease are particularly strong.
When the lungs operate optimally, the pulse is the weakest.
When the large intestine passes through the sputum (5:00-7:00), the large intestine is most prosperous, “the lungs and the large intestines are in the same table”, the lungs will be full of novel blood, and then the large intestine will be promoted to the state of excitement.Absorption of moisture and nutrients in food, and discharge of dross.
At this time, get up, the large intestines are vigorous and strong, suitable for diarrhea.
At the time of stomach meridian (7:00-9:00), the stomach is the most prosperous. It is most easy to digest after 7:00.
If the stomach fire is too strong, it is characterized by dry lips and heavy mouth or sores.
The stomach is most active in the stomach. At this time, you must have breakfast. At this time, the stomach is best, and the human body’s power generation system begins to work.
When the spleen is sputum (9:00-11:00), the spleen is the most prosperous. The spleen is transported by the spleen and the spleen is blood. The spleen is the general dispatch of digestion, absorption and excretion, and is the leader of the human blood.
“The spleen is open to the mouth, and its hua is in the lips.”
The spleen has good efficacy, showing good digestion and absorption, good blood quality and rosy lips.
Lip white marks the lack of blood, dark lips, lip purple signs into the spleen.
At noon (11:00-13:00), the Yellow Emperor’s internal meridian in the meridian health care mentioned in the 12th hour, at noon at this time, the heart is the most prosperous, “the heart of the gods, open to the tongue, its Hua is in the table.”
The heart spurs the blood to run, raise the spirit, nourish the gas, and raise the muscles.
People can take a nap at noon, which is good for raising the heart, and can make the spirit even brighter at night.
At this time, the heart is comfortable to maintain, and rest or take a nap.
When the small intestine passes through (13:00-15:00), the small intestine is the most prosperous.
The small intestine is clear and turbid, the water is placed in the bladder, the dregs are sent to the large intestine, and the essence is transferred to the spleen.
When the small intestine is most active from time to time, lunch should be eaten before 1 pm.
At the time of bladder application (15:00-17:00), the bladder is most prosperous. The bladder stores water and body fluid, recirculates the water and excretes the litchi.
The body fluid is reincarnation in the body. If the bladder is hot, it can cause bladder cough, cough and night urine syndrome.
When the bladder is most active through the bladder, drink plenty of water.
When the kidney passes through the phlegm (17:00-19:00), the kidney is the most prosperous. “The kidney is hidden in the essence of reproduction, and the kidney is the root of the talent and the essence of the internal organs.”
The human body ventilates and detoxifies through the application, and the kidney enters the stage of storing essence when it is sputum.The kidney is suitable for rest.
When the pericardium passes through the sputum (19:00-21:00), the pericardium is the most prosperous at this time. “The pericardium is the outer membrane of the heart, with the veins attached. It is the path of qi and blood that cannot be tolerated, and the heart is hurt.”
The pericardium is the protection organization of the heart, and it is the channel for the operation of blood.
When the pericardium passes through the sputum, it can be used to break the roots around the heart, leaving the heart in a state of no shortage.
When the pericardium passes through the stagnation, it is advisable to walk around. At this time, the heart and brain cranial nerve system is the most active, and the person with a bad heart is best to knock on the pericardium at this time and achieve the best results.
At the time of Sanjiao Jinghai (21:00-23:00), the Sanjiao was the most prosperous.
Sanjiao is the largest cockroach among the six gongs. It has the function of presiding over the air and dredging the waterway. At the time of the sea, it is a three-pronged pass. If people sleep deeply at the time of the sea, they can rest and live. It is very beneficial to the body. The centenarians have a unique uniqueness.At the time, it is sleepy at the time of the sea, so it is best to sleep during this time, and it is easy to get up after the second day.
Twelve o’clock corresponds to the five elements of the ancient twelve o’clock, what do they mean in the end, how do they read the pronunciation?
The table below shows the correspondence between the 12 o’clock pronunciation and the current time.