My parents’ expectations made me give up being the monitor

My parents’ expectations made me give up being the monitor

Xin Xin is a junior girl.

In my eyes, she is quiet, beautiful, and opinionative.

Every time I see her, I can’t help thinking: When she grows up, she will be a very tasty woman.

However, when consultation brought us closer, I found that Xinxin’s world was not sunny.

  Xinxin doesn’t like herself: she can’t stand her own IQ, she should hardly improve her score no matter how hard she is; she is dissatisfied with her appearance, and wipes out the beautiful breastplate photos; she hates herself and ca n’t let her parents work with colleagues, The neighborhood raised his eyebrows and exhaled . Now, Xin Xin is about to resign as the monitor-because of worry and suspicion of the results.

  That day, Xinxin brought a diary to me. She said: The joy of being elected as the monitor made her want to jump upstairs. She likes to do things for everyone, and she also likes to use her talents in her work .Dissatisfaction often burdened her with a heavy burden: What should I do if my classmates accuse me of poor grades?

What if everyone looks down on me?

Parents also began to exert pressure: poor grades, less snacks . Xinxin was tired, she wanted to change some burdens and rest.

She said: “When my results reach the top five, I will be the monitor again.

“If not?

“” I would be wrong.

I just can’t stand what others say about me, not at all.

“In Xinxin’s mind, the monitor is a perfect sign, and her expression makes me feel a strong desire for perfection.

Her question is not about learning or being a monitor, but about the pursuit of perfection and the care of others.

I must help her to peel off the coat of “squad leader” so she can see her demand.

  ”Can you relax your demands without being the monitor?

Xin Xin hesitated a moment: “. No.

“” What is your goal? ”

“. Still in the top five.

“How many people are there in your grade?”

“” More than 600.

“Xinxin seemed to understand my intentions, and smiled a bit ambivalently.

  ”Then why are you in the top five?

Do you have any differences?

“I asked.

  Xinxin’s face was a little red. “No.

“” If so, don’t you think it’s unfair?

“I asked.
  ”I need to be ahead anyway!

“Xin Xin was anxious and looked at me a little bit like a jerk.

  I looked at her, too, and didn’t talk or give in.

  ”Then they are not working hard enough, .” Xin Xin groaned for excuses.

At this time, Xin Xin, that kind of atmosphere, and sensible people are gone, completely turning into a strong girl.

  ”So you only work hard for this grade?

“I went on refuting her, and wanted to see what the real idea behind her was.

  Sure enough, Xinxin was stunned by me, and then she smiled awkwardly, and a large teardrop slipped down a little.

  ”My mother always said that in the same classroom, why are you always inferior to others . I’m sorry for my mother, she cooks for me every day and asks me for tutoring . I want to make her happy.
“Xinxin’s tears rolled down, and I realized her little heart was full of blame and guilt.
  Maybe many people have blamed their parents for not being able to refund. Such a little girl’s blame is especially appealing.

But she still can’t distinguish the expectations of her family from her ideals.

The love of parents is great. They bring us life and care. But the greatness of parents does not represent the perfection of parents. They also have their own desires and hopes.Claim.

  Xin Xin’s parents like to sort her and her relatives and friends’ children, making Xin Xin feel helpless.

However, their expectations have subtly become Xin Xin’s goal, making Xin Xin also face, and hope that they can meet the requirements of their parents and make unremitting efforts.

But perfection doesn’t exist. What keeps increasing is disappointment and dissatisfaction with yourself day after day.

Living in such a mood, she is not happy and content, but only inferior, worried and crying. Every day is full of thoughts . hearing this, I would rather she be a carefree crazy girl!

  I drew a sun with ten separate parts for Xinxin. I painted eight of them in red and two in black to represent dark clouds.

  I asked Showtime: “What color is this sun?


Xinxin answered without thinking.

  ”That’s what many people think of you.

Maybe you can’t make it perfect yet, but ‘Eight Full Eight Beautiful’ has become your pride.

Man can never be perfect, just like the sky cannot be cloudless forever.

Cloudy sky is normal and beautiful.

You who have faults are also normal and beautiful.

The perfection you see is relative. No matter how perfect the sky is, there will be dark clouds passing by.

Xin Xin nodded seriously, thoughtfully.