Ice Beauty Skin Whitening Makes It Simple

Ice Beauty Skin Whitening Makes It Simple

Fan Bingbing’s white is well-known in the entertainment industry. It is so-called one-white covering and ten ugly, and the skin will soon appear full of rural flavor. How can Fan Bingbing, known as the “Bing Beauty”, be flawless and transparent?

Is there some kind of “Jade Girl Heart Sutra” that can be shared with everyone?

Let’s find out with Xiaobian!

  What made Fan Bingbing’s current position, luck?




It is still her fair skin, how many MMs are secretly envious of her skin, because the skin is white and looks good, what color can be tried, and be patient to be a little brunette?

Get up and running quickly!

  Fan Bingbing claims that her skin is neutral, does not produce a lot of oil and is not very dry.

This kind of skin is also very healthy, it is not easy to get acne, and it is not easy to get wrinkles.

The maintenance method is very simple, and the daily care steps are the same as everyone, washing face-toner-eye cream-whitening cream.

  Sun protection is more important than whitening. First do sun protection and then whitening, first increase the elasticity of the sun protection, and then increase the nutrition first.

Do not do sunscreen, do everything else for nothing.

Therefore, Fan Bingbing must rub the cream and sunscreen before going out. Choosing a cream is the most important!

 Be sure to drink plenty of water and stay up late, eat less fried things, and keep your skin clean.

Let your skin drink water every day and it will definitely look radiant.

  Killing pores and causing annoying acne, exfoliating in the summer is one of the key points of skin care.

Fan Bingbing believes that whitening is persistent!