Health Qigong – the characteristics of six characters

Health Qigong – the characteristics of six characters

涓€銆佽闊冲彛鍨嬶紝绯荤粺瑙勮寖銆€銆€鏈姛娉曞湪鍛煎惛鍚愮撼鐨勫悓鏃讹紝閫氳繃鐗瑰畾鐨勮闊冲彛鍨嬫潵璋冩暣涓庢帶鍒朵綋鍐呮皵鎭殑鍗囬檷鍑哄叆锛屽舰鎴愬垎鍒笌浜轰綋鑲濄€佸績銆佽劸銆佽偤銆佽偩銆佷笁鐒︾浉The corresponding six methods of vomiting vomiting, such as 鍢? 鍛? 鍛? 類? 鍚? 鍢? to achieve the role of adjusting the balance of the viscera, are unique in many qigong exercises.
銆€銆€In terms of the six-character pronunciation and mouth shape, “Health Qigong?”
The six-character 浣滀簡 has made a new norm and exploration, which is systematic, and each word is a complete whole, and each has its own independence and complements each other.
銆€銆€浜屻€佸悙绾冲寮曪紝鍐呭鍏间慨銆€銆€鏈姛娉曞湪娉ㄩ噸鍛煎惛鍚愮撼銆佸悙姘斿彂澹扮殑鍚屾椂锛岄厤鍚堜簡绉戝鍚堢悊鐨勫姩浣滃寮曪紝鍐呰皟鑴忚厬锛屽缁冪瓔楠紝鍏卞悓杈惧埌鍐呭.鑴忚厬銆佸鍋ョ瓔楠℉ealth rehabilitation.
銆€銆€Just as Ge Hong, a well-known health worker in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, said: “The one who knows the way to express the truth is enough to extend the life; the person who knows the law of flexion and extension is the guide, and it can be difficult to be old.
鈥濄€€銆€涓夈€佽垝缂撳渾娲伙紝鍔ㄩ潤缁撳悎銆€銆€鏈姛娉曞姩浣滆垝灞曞ぇ鏂癸紝缂撴參鏌斿拰锛屽渾杞鎰忥紝濡傝浜戞祦姘达紝濠夎浆杩炵坏锛屼技浜哄湪姘斾腑銆佹皵鍦ㄤ汉涓紝琛ㄧ幇鍑虹嫭鐗圭殑瀹侀潤涓庨槾鏌斾箣缇庯紝鍏锋湁Rich qigong features.
銆€銆€At the same time, it is required to exhale and vocalize evenly and softly, and the movement guides to soothe the round and live, plus the static and steady nourishment at the beginning and the end, there are static and static movements in the movement, dynamic and static combination, training and phase, both refining,Also raise the gas.
銆€銆€鍥涖€佺畝鍗曟槗瀛︼紝瀹夊叏鏈夋晥銆€銆€鏈姛娉曞湪鈥滃槝銆佸懙銆佸懠銆侇悐銆佸惞銆佸樆鈥濆叚瀛楀彂澹板悙姘斿熀纭€涓婏紝姣忎釜瀛楄瘈閮介厤浠ュ吀鍨嬭€岀畝鍗曠殑瀵煎紩鍔ㄤ綔锛屽姞涓婂惎鍔ㄦ皵The start of the machine and the guidance of the gas return to the Yuan, even a total of nine movements in the preparation of the potential, easy to learn, easy to remember and practice.
銆€銆€At the same time, it emphasizes 鈥渢o guide the gas鈥?and 鈥渢o follow the temperament鈥?
There is no complicated idea of mind in the whole set of exercises, and there is no difficult, large, and overloaded action, and it is not easy to be biased.
From the test situation, the new method is safe and reliable, suitable for the elderly and the sick and sick.