Drinking chocolate milk works better after fitness What beverage do you choose to drink after a long, hard workout? Note that there are not many choices, nothing more than sports water such as water or Gatorade. However, Joel Stagel of Indiana University points out that there are other common, deliciousContinue Reading

I want to “cut” your mouth “Xitian learns from a team of four to lay off staff. The boss gives you a place. Who do you choose? “This is a forum hot topic recently sought after by netizens.   In the context of the global financial crisis, “layoffs” have become aContinue Reading

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锘? Catering for AD patients Progressive metabolic failure can disrupt the priming of the cytoskeleton in patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), resulting in low cholinergic and glutamate activity, reduced ability to capture free radicals, and weakened defective neurons.And premature aging. Metabolic disorders in AD patients are manifested in vitamin B1,Continue Reading

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锘? Health experts teach you How to cure duodenal inflammation? Health experts teach you The treatment of duodenitis, the basic treatment pay attention to maintain the regularity of life, work, diet, avoid overwork and mental stress, quit smoking, alcohol, strong tea, to avoid drugs that have damage to the gastricContinue Reading

Help pregnant women choose bedding Drowsiness after menopause is one of the manifestations of the early pregnancy response, and it is also the physiological needs of early pregnancy.   Sleep protects mothers who are in a state of negative metabolism and lose weight, so they are less ill and have aContinue Reading

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