10 types of foods that can easily hold your baby

10 types of foods that can easily hold your baby

We often see the news that infants or toddlers are stung by eating jelly. In fact, some common foods in daily life can be dangerous foods for parents if they are negligent.

Here are 10 “dangerous foods” that can easily hold your baby.

  1, jelly children swallow jelly is prone to accidents, parents can not ignore it!

Parents are advised not to give the whole jelly to their children, they can be crushed before serving to young children.

  2. Foods with twists and sweets are not easy to bite the throat. It is not suitable for children under 3 years old. If you really want to eat them, it is recommended to cut them into diced shapes.

  3, squid shredded fiber is too long, biting snacks, including shredded squid, beef jerky are not suitable for young children.

  4. Peanut butter is too thick and not suitable for young children to swallow.

  5. The volume of nuts is too small, and sometimes it may be too late to chew and it will be easily swallowed.

  6, small fruit, small round, but the fruit with a core inside is not suitable for children, such as longan, grapes, cherries, etc., parents can peel off the core before giving it to children.

  7, multi-fiber vegetables, multi-fiber and vegetables that are not easy to bite are not suitable for young children, such as celery, bean sprouts.

  8. Large pieces of meat can not be bitten by young children. If they are swallowed easily, they should be cut into thin pieces of meat or diced meat.

  9, noodles with long noodles are not easy for young children to swallow. If they are eaten by suction, they are easy to be eaten. When cooking, you can cut them into small pieces before cooking.

  10. For spiny fish, parents are advised to choose fish supplemented with fishbone to cook, otherwise it will be easily caught and will stab children’s esophagus and mouth.