The foreskin phimosis is the most hurting man!


What should I do to prevent foreskin phimosis?

The foreskin phimosis is the most hurting man!
What should I do to prevent foreskin phimosis?

The phenomenon of foreskin phimosis is very common among male friends. This disease seriously threatens the health of men and affects the harmony of sexual life between husband and wife. Due to the appearance of foreskin phimosis, the length of the foreskin phimosis will only increase the burden on men.Surgical removal must be carried out in time, otherwise the long-term existence is completely easy to form smegma, then the foreskin phimosis has some harm?

What should I do to prevent foreskin phimosis?

Let’s take a look at it together.

Does the foreskin phimosis have any harm?

1, induced disease, the foreskin wraps the entire penis head, can not be turned down at all, but can be turned up, will continue to produce smegma, milky white and smelly, this is a good place for bacteria to breed, phimosis may induceKidney disease is also prone to premature ejaculation.

2, causing penile disease in children’s penis as long as it can urinate, but the puberty of sexual hormones is not the same, the role of hormones will increase secretions, and the foreskin is damaged.

If the bacteria are accidentally infected, there is a risk of causing penile disease, and the condominal house with dirt will also cause the female partner to contract the disease.

It is said that unclean phimosis is the cause of cystitis and endometritis.

3, leading to secondary reflux renal disease due to phimosis, urethra fracture, bladder sphincter contraction during urination, bladder pressure before or at the same time overcome the urethral orifice blockage, but also exceed the pressure of the bladder hair sheath can withstand, urineFluid reflux along the ureter, ureter, kidney dilatation, causing bacterial infection of the upper urinary tract, resulting in secondary reflux renal disease and even renal dysfunction.

Prevention of foreskin phimosis should take preventive measures to avoid unclean sexual behavior, daily care should be taken to avoid unclean sexual intercourse, and cleanse yourself.

A couple suffering from a sexual organ disease should suspend sexual life and treat it promptly.

Patients who are infected with trichomoniasis or Candida albicans should be treated at the same time.

2, experts in circumcision said that if the foreskin caused by the foreskin or phimosis, and the complications are serious, you can control the wound and perform circumcision.

Doing the foreskin phimosis can avoid repeated inflammation of the foreskin.

3, pay attention to personal health experts pointed out that daily attention to personal hygiene.

Males with foreskin phimosis or phimosis should clean the glans and foreskin daily, clean the smegma caused by the foreskin in time, avoid corrosion, and clean the method correctly.

4, should pay attention to the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, foreskin phimosis should pay attention to what?

Because sexually transmitted diseases often do not necessarily manifest as urethritis, the first appearance is the foreskin glans ulcer, or the foreskin glans ulcer.

Therefore, we must also pay attention to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

What is the best age for related recommended phimosis surgery?

Men must not drag the foreskin and phimosis What is the difference between the harm caused by the big phimosis will not bring timely treatment will bring harm?

Men must know!