[Baby food supplement beef meatballs]_ baby _ how to do

[Baby food supplement beef meatballs]_ baby _ how to do

Many babies are breast-fed when they are born, but they also need to slowly add complementary foods after a certain age, so as to ensure that the children absorb balanced nutrition.

When adding complementary foods, you must follow a variety of principles, as well as the principle of suitability.

Some parents add beef meatballs to their children, and of course they should pay attention to the practice.

So what is the practice of baby’s food supplement beef balls?


Put a handful of beef in water and soak it for about 20 minutes, remove blood water, then remove it and wash it.

Pour out the egg whites of the eggs and set aside the yolks. You can cook them in the soup with the beef meatballs for your baby later.

Take a little starch out and stir well with a little water.

As long as the shallot leaves are onion, shred them for later use.

Then start to chop the beef, carefully chop it, the worse the better, chop the beef and put it in a bowl, put the chopped shallots in it, remove the salt, pour the starch water into it, and knead the beef withStarch is fully fused.

After a few minutes, put in the egg whites and knead with your hands.

After a few more minutes, you can dig into a ball with a spoon.

During the ten minutes of putting the beef, put some oil in the pan and fry the tomato slices. After the water is boiled, turn off the heat and start to dig the beef balls with a spoon and cook it again.

When the beef is cooked, you can cook.


Method two, chop the onion and carrot, cook and crush the potatoes, mix them into the beef filling, and then add two eggs. Feel the humidity and feel soft, not hard.

You can add cheese, put in a baking tray, or bake at 180C for 25-30 minutes until slightly yellow. The beef meatballs with mashed potatoes have a special taste.

In addition, you need to brush a little oil before baking, and then a little bit after baking for 15 minutes.


Method three: Wash the raw materials clean, ginger wipe the filament with a wiper, and then process the juice; celery and onion are cut into minced pieces, beef is stripped and cut into small pieces; stir-fry with a meat grinder; celery, Onion, egg white, ginger, soy sauce, salt, olive oil, pour into a blender and stir to make a vegetable dressing paste; mix the meat puree and vegetable dressing paste together, gently uniform in one direction; add starch to continue mixing; water 50%Heat the meatballs, skim the floating foam after boiling, and cook for half a minute. After the meatballs are cooled, you can put them into a food preservation bag according to the amount of food your child eats at once, refrigerate for a week, and freeze for a month.