Chinese medicine teaches you how to prevent diseases


Chinese medicine teaches you how to prevent diseases

Guide: In the summer season, the climate is hot, people are easily upset, tired and tired, and in the summer, they care for the heart and mind, calm down and ensure the heart function.

So how do you care for the heart in the summer?

What disease should I prevent in the summer?

In traditional qigong, pay attention to luck and temper, and ask for breath to enter and exit the nose. In fact, the intention is not to control breathing, but to adjust the heart rhythm through breathing, because when the mind is not quiet, the heart rhythm will be abnormal, and the heart rhythm will notWhen normal, people’s breathing can not be smooth, and can be removed from now on. In ancient health care, although the main reason is to improve the function of the kidney, and the basis of its entry, it starts from the heart.

In the hot days, the blood flow in the human body is accelerated, and the heart is loaded, so it is extremely important to keep the mood calm and pleasant.

In high temperature weather, people should be most worried about heart failure.

A special survey of Shanghai residents showed that the number of people suffering from heart failure continued to rise, and the incidence rate reached 1.9%. The mortality rate reached 37% in two years and 82% in six years.

In the hot weather, those who are “hard inside” will face the possibility of sudden heart failure.

Therefore, the doctor reminded that in high temperature weather, you must raise your own “heart”.

According to relevant experts, heart failure is usually caused by cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes.

In the high temperature weather, due to the significant decrease in blood output from the heart, the oxygen supply capacity of each organ is significantly reduced. A large number of “nuclear weak” will cause heart failure, and the patient may initially behave as shortness after the activity; thereafter, the condition is aggravated.Tolerance to activities is also getting worse and worse; in the advanced stage, patients can only rest in bed.

In addition, patients may also experience symptoms such as fatigue and loss of appetite.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to raising the “heart” when entering the hot weather.

To prevent heart failure, you should develop good habits.

To quit smoking, drink less, control your weight properly, and improve your eating habits.

For patients who have been diagnosed with heart failure, in addition to adhering to the lifelong treatment of drugs, the patient’s behavior and lifestyle need to do a series of adjustments and changes, diet, low salt, control of water intake, eating can not be full, moreEat foods rich in vitamins, minerals, eat more vegetables and exercise properly, and ensure extra sleep.

In the hot days, the most common seasonal disease is heat stroke.

Heatstroke is mainly caused by high temperatures and poor ventilation, so that body heat cannot be exceeded in time.

At this time, you should adjust the time to avoid going out at high temperatures at noon.

Some old people often feel irritated, tired and weak, loss of appetite, even dizziness, chest tightness, nausea and other symptoms in this season. The Chinese medicine is “smooth injury”, and the folks say it is “bitter summer.”

In this way, it can be supplemented appropriately to supplement the lack of gas in the body.

And to ensure adequate sleep, and use the nap time to eliminate the lack of sleep at night.

Do not eat too much for cold drinks.

Eating cold drinks in summer can prevent heatstroke and cool down, but eating too much cold drinks is harmful.

Long-term stimulation of a large number of cold foods will accelerate the peristalsis, shorten the residence time of food in rehabilitation, and directly affect the body’s absorption of food nutrition.

At the same time, due to the high temperature in summer, the body’s transient is not easy to dissipate, and the temperature inside the asynchronous is relatively high, if suddenly a large amount of cold stimulation.

Do not eat too much for melons and fruits.

Summer melons have a good effect on maintaining the balance of pH in the human body.

However, excessive consumption will increase the burden on the stomach and cause severe diarrhea.

This is because in this solar terms, yin has been born, so raw, cold, hard food will cause damage to the stomach.

As the saying goes: “Winter does not sit on the stone, summer does not sit on the wood.

“In this solar terms, the temperature is high and the humidity is high.

Wood, especially wood that has been in the open air for a long time, such as chair stools, exposed to rain, slit splitting, the surface looks dry, but after the sun is shining, the temperature will rise, it will emit moisture for a longer period of time.If you sit on it for a long time, it can induce acne, rheumatism and arthritis.

Therefore, in this solar terms, it should be noted that it is not possible to continuously place the open wood.

In addition, many people in this festival like to sleep on the top, this habit is not good.

Because when the person is asleep, the sweat glands of the body continue to prolong the secretion of sweat, the whole body is in a relaxed state, and the resistance is reduced.

The nighttime temperature drops, the difference between temperature and body temperature gradually increases, which can easily lead to headache, abdominal pain, joint induced dyspepsia and diarrhea.

In general, the hottest weather of the year has come, and the yin also began to grow at this time, so you should not be overly chilly, and properly appropriate to cool the body, so that you can also excrete some toxins in the body.The body is good.And because the new generation of venting speeds up, so diet, we must pay attention to nutrition, appropriate to make up.

In addition, according to their own health conditions and their living habits, the combination of God supplement, medicine supplement and food supplement should be used flexibly.