Five tips for wine

Five tips for wine

When it comes to wine, what do you think of, a romantic French winery?

The sweetness of the tip of the tongue?

Or the appeal of wine culture?

In fact, the practical value of wine is ubiquitous in life, so in addition to some basic effects, using wine cleverly, there are some tricks?

  Clean the skin and place the sponge into the sour red wine.

Then remove it and gently cleanse the skin in a circular motion.

During the cleaning process, you can remove dust, sweat, oil and residual makeup one by one.

After washing, the skin becomes noticeably elastic.

But be sure to use fully fermented wines.

  50 ml of cold wine and 1 egg.

Heat the red wine and pour in the eggs.

Apply after drying.

It is suitable for all kinds of colds and has excellent curative effect.

Alternatively, heat a small glass of red wine, then beat an egg in the wine, stop the heating after a little stirring, and replace it after drying.

This famous “egg wine” is a traditional method for Germans to treat colds.

For the French to treat a cold, put some lemon juice and sugar in the heated red wine and let it cool down.

  ”Removal” effect Wine has a lot of “removal” effect, which can solve the little troubles in life.

For example, wine can remove persimmon stains. If clothes are stained with persimmon juice, you should immediately rub the wine with concentrated brine, wash it with warm water, and rinse it with water.

Wine moles prevent the pot water from smelling. When traveling, the water in the kettle often produces a strange smell.

If you add 1 tablespoon of red wine in advance, you can prevent the water from smelling bad.

  In addition, wine can get rid of fishy.

After the fish scale belly is washed, pickle it with red wine, the solidified substance and aroma in the wine can eliminate the fishy smell.

The white wine can also remove the astringency of persimmon. The specific operation method is to dip the persimmon with some white wine, and the astringency will disappear quickly.

Some persimmons have an astringent taste. As long as you inject white wine from the bitten portion, the astringency will disappear quickly.

  The multi-level taste of homemade marinade marinade, I believe everyone wants to learn how to make it.

In fact, as long as you have a bottle of wine on hand, it is very simple.

When wine, honey and rosemary arrive, they turn into a delicious marinade.

Chicken breast served with this sauce is very delicious.

  Softened meat red wine contains tannins inside, which can soften traces. Before cooking meat, pickle some red wine to prevent the meat from becoming hard.

It is recommended not to add seasoning when soaking red wine.