How can white-collar workers prevent radiation?

4 tricks that work for you


How can white-collar workers prevent radiation?
4 tricks that work for you

For normal women who have been facing computers for a long time, their faces will become darker and darker, and a large number of melasma will grow. The skin will become dry and even fine lines will creep on the face quietly.Good anti-radiation work, reduce the damage to the skin.

  How do women in the workplace do a good job in preventing radiation?

  1. You must apply a barrier cream every day, no matter how poor you must buy a barrier cream, which can protect the skin.

Sunscreen cannot be used as a substitute for sunscreen. Sunscreen only prevents the radiation of ultraviolet rays on the skin, and cannot resist the radiation caused by computers or electronic products. You should choose a sunscreen.

After cleaning the skin every morning, absorb the cream and toner, and then apply the cream evenly, which can isolate all kinds of electromagnetic and computer radiation.

Some barrier creams can modify different races. Try to choose a barrier cream with good quality and strong isolation effect from the manufacturers.

  2, keep the skin clean and hygienic to prevent skin pores, which affects its normal breathing, so the skin must be cleaned every day.

Face the computer for three hours every day and thoroughly wash your face once to keep the skin clean and hygienic, so as to maintain the smoothness and hydration of the skin.

  3. Carrying a moisturizing spray with you for a long time in the face of the computer will bring great harm to the face, accelerate the oxidation rate of the skin, cause dark yellow and rough skin, and breed a large number of melasma, dark circles and bags under the eyes.

In addition, computer radiation will make the skin lose its elasticity and luster, so be sure to do a good job of hydrating the skin, carry a good moisturizing spray with you, wash your face every hour, and then use a moisturizing spray in time to maintainThe activity of skin cells, while alleviating dark yellow and rough skin, and preventing the development of wrinkles caused by dry skin.

  4. Eat more foods with anti-radiation effects. If you can’t do the above due to work reasons, you can eat more foods with anti-radiation effects. Eat more eggs and milk that are rich in protein and vitamins and minerals.Apples and bananas, because they contain anti-radiation ingredients, can reduce damage to the skin.

In addition, you can drink more green tea or yogurt to protect against radiation and help repair and regenerate skin cells.

  Tips: Choose the right facial cleanser and skin care products according to your skin type. You must thoroughly remove makeup before going to bed at night to prevent heavy metals in cosmetics from remaining in the skin and clogging pores, which can cause acne and acne.