AC Milan’s Vice Chairman Galliani promised to have a massive expenditure of 80 million in aid!_1

AC Milan’s Vice Chairman Galliani promised to have a massive expenditure of 80 million in aid!
AC Milan’s vice-president Galliani revealed at a football expo that Milan will be heavily recruited this summer, and he is ready to fight a big battle in the transfer market.Berlusconi AC Milan is currently ranked 11th in Serie A, closer to Palma at the end of the list than Juventus at the top of the list, and has been destined to miss the European war for two consecutive seasons.Galliani confirmed in the interview that Milan will surely have a massive signing this summer.  Galliani said: AC Milan will have big moves this summer, absolutely.In 1998, we were also the eleventh in the league, but in 1999 we won the league championship.We are very much looking forward to the transfer market this summer. The team has suffered a serious blow this decade, and Milan must return to the top of the league.  In the past ten years, we have reached the Champions League final three times, two championships, and another two have reached the semi-finals and quarter-finals, I hope the team can return to that level.Galliani said.  In recent years, AC Milan seems to have repeatedly made mistakes in the transfer market, similar to the missed Tevez that year, and once again sent off Pirlo.The Galliani said: You can’t change it in the past, we can only look forward to the future now.Tevez and Pirlo played well at Juventus and I am happy for them.  How much will AC Milan invest in this summer?Galliani did not say this key issue.However, according to “Romance Roma”, AC Milan’s chairman Berlusconi has confirmed that he will invest 80 million euros in the transfer market this summer.But this requires a premise, that is, when the summer comes, Lao Bei can find a suitable investor for Milan.(Sky blue)