Hope Search Words landed on CCTV on April 16, the first program talked about resuming work

“Hope Search Words” landed on CCTV on April 16, the first program talked about “resuming work”
“Hope Search Words” will be broadcast on CCTV-3 (CCTV Variety Channel) at 20:25 on April 16.The program locks in the core keywords of life, and captures and transmits dozens of hope search words from the performing arts and hosting industry’s “hope sponsors” to understand their hopes and life attitudes.”Hope Search Words” is hosted by Nigelmatti. The first episode of the program uses “Resume” as the hope search word, reflecting the public’s expectation of resumption and the desire after resumption.In each episode, experts will be disconnected, and the relevant psychological and health suggestions for the current search terms will be redirected and professionalized.Jackie Chan, Zhang Guoli, Lin Junjie, Liu Tao, Zhang Yixing, Jia Ling, Wu Lei, Dili Reba, Liu Haoran, Li Yifeng, Yin Zheng and many other entertainers joined the show.Yang Ying, Sha Yi, Zheng Kai, Du Jiang, Yu Yi, Ouyang Nana, Jia Bing, Wang Yanlin, Yang Di, Zhou Shen, Zhu Xun, Li Sisi and others will be the main promoters of the show.The way of display and video connection can share the love and beauty in life with the audience.The hope search words presented in the program are suitable for people’s lives. For example, Jiang Xin is a “good way to resume work”, Chen Weiting is a “fitness”, Chen He is a “happy exercise”, Zheng Kai is a “positive life”, and Mo Wenwei is “healing music”, Yang Di is “accompanying”.Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Wei editor Xu Meilin proofreading Wang Xin