A small island full of charm, a good place to maintain health!


A small island full of charm, a good place to maintain health!


Speaking of Gulangyu, I think everyone knows that its geographical environment is very good. It is located in the beautiful and pleasant city of Xiamen, warm, whether it is light or hot conditions or rain conditions are very good, especially suitable for people to live.

Years to end, the flowers are clustered and the vegetation is strong.

If you are traveling, spring and autumn are the best, there are many seas, from time to time you can take a boat and see the sea.

However, the typhoon season in August is not recommended, because many seaside boats will stop and may affect your itinerary.

The first feeling of Xiaobian is that the primary city can bring people a beautiful enjoyment.

In the morning, take a boat and enjoy the breeze along the way. At the destination, the birds and flowers are fragrant, and various buildings are in front of you, very beautiful.

In the past, it was once a deserted place, and there was no anger at all. I knew that it gradually prospered later.

Most of the buildings in this area have a long history. Many foreigners and overseas Chinese built in the last century, and some wealthy people will hire some designers to build them. The design is very good, various forms,The division of road stores has a very strong sense of design.

The building is outstanding and magnificent, and the decoration is also very delicate. Many things are also special.

Some of the buildings of the former buildings are now used as public buildings for tourists to visit.

Follow the sound of the waves, you will hear the sound of the piano, wonderful, beautiful.

There are many piano rooms in it, full of classical and elegant essence.

Walking on the path, the flowers are clustered, yes, the piano sounds are very beautiful, there are other different pianos, and the sound of the waves is mixed.

Close your eyes and enjoy the feeling that you brought to you at that time, you will be addicted to it.

It is full of artistic atmosphere. Every major festival will see some people form a group or a family of three generations. It is conceivable that this influence is so far-reaching.

I remember a few years ago, I also held a special grand concert, antiques in the organ museum, and then showed visitors a variety of very precious pianos, attracted a lot of tourists, and very well-known performers personally.A very nice piece of music for visitors, bringing us a new musical enjoyment.

How can I eat less? I count the most unforgettable food in this city, so I must go to a street. It is the only food street in it. Almost all of it is here, so remember to try it.Try it.

Although I didn’t say what the store is not eating, there are still a lot of unique Minnan dishes. You must have heard of the Weinan flavor. Since they are all coming, there is no reason to try it!


There is also a location called Xinzhuang Garden, which is characterized by the architecture of the Jiangnan area. There are many flowers. It is a big garden. It is not surprising that the flowers are a garden on the beach and inside the garden.There are also rockeries, various stone statues, lifelike, and the small pavilion is also very novel, you can look at the beauty of Sunlight from afar.

Above is a place where historical celebrities practiced. Walking on the stone path above, it is best to come at dusk, to enjoy the setting sun, and there are not many people in the evening, you can walk freely.

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