Eat healthy and jump out of beauty


Eat healthy and jump out of beauty

When humans lived from primitive tribes, they were already popular.

Diet should be balanced with nutrition, and dancing should be based on body posture.

Unbalanced nutrition, excess or deficiency will make people sick or affect people’s body shape, dancing without a beautiful frame type.

It’s absolutely impossible to jump out of the beauty.


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Is this a feeling of dancing with a humpback, osteoporosis, apathetic, weak feet and unresponsiveness?

Without this minimum condition, no one else can find beauty.

銆€銆€Q: Have you ever seen a hunched man waltzing beautiful?

Have you seen a soft-skinned, soft-legged person jumping out of a toned tango?

Have you seen a person with a lack of spirits jumping out of a fast cowboy dance?

銆€銆€These, from the life sciences, are related to diet and nutrition, requiring adequate nutrition and balance.

銆€銆€It is not difficult to be adequately nutritious, but it is not so easy to be redundant and balanced.

How to do it?

There is an indicator that is both basic and basic, so that you can maintain the “devil figure” pursued by the dance industry – slim and healthy, musculoskeletal, and handsome.

This requires a reasonable mix of acid and alkali foods in the diet, coupled with a dynamic balance of lifestyle, which is often said to “close the mouth, take the legs.”

銆€銆€Specifically, alkaline foods (vegetables, fruits, soy products, milk, etc.) should account for three-quarters of the daily diet, while acidic foods (chicken, duck, fish, meat, eggs, wine, sugar, etc.) onlyIt accounts for a quarter of the daily diet.

銆€銆€People’s lives are rich, and the acidic food on the table is eaten too much. There are many fat people, and metabolic diseases will follow.

Science has confirmed in recent years that “the waist circumference is increased by one inch and the blood vessels are increased by four miles.”

This puts a lot of burden on the blood circulation, which can be imagined.

Therefore, forever dancers pursue “devil body”, and people should also be wary of “long belts, short life.”

銆€銆€”Put your mouth” to eat more alkaline foods, “walk your legs” and go to exercise, practice dance, practice martial arts in the United States and seek health, and seek beauty in health activities.

In this way, staying weakly alkaline, your biocatalytic enzyme is at its best, making it catalyzed.

Do not accumulate into poisons.

Disease resistance and immunity remain at a high level.

銆€銆€The frame type is the basic foundation, and it is hard to hone in order to have beautiful dance, beautiful lines and beautiful movements.

There is no willpower, endurance and the strength, speed, and opening (joint focus) required for dancing. Even the best jade will not be smashed.

銆€銆€The external form of beauty, its core is reflected in the curvaceous beauty, the curve of the intrinsic frame, the beauty of the curve in the flow, the curvy beauty of the model, plus the rhythm and melodic beauty, which can be wonderful for human vision.Magic, pleasing to the eye, impressing the soul.

“The body of the devil” is derived from “the training of the devil.”

銆€銆€In the textbooks of the Dance Academy, the practice content of traditional martial arts has also been added in recent years. The tai chi is soft, the shape is just right, the gossip is turned and turned, and more importantly, these are all internal power punches.The dancers absorbed the 鈥渕agic power鈥?and added a lot of charm.

銆€銆€The curve in the dance, at least the bending line, to pull out the bending line is the key to the strength and flexibility of the musculoskeletal, which is eaten as a material basis.

Now turn the topic into a food order that people don’t pay attention to very much, that is, the order before and after eating.

銆€銆€Balanced nutrition also has a scientific and reasonable order.

銆€銆€The average person’s order is misunderstood, resulting in poor digestion and absorption, abdominal distension, abdominal pressure, and abdominal protrusion.

That is to drink wine, eat the staple food starch, then drink the soup, and finally eat the fruit (the procedure is to eat at the restaurant).

This is a wrong diet.

銆€銆€The correct and reasonable scientific order is: eat the fruit first, then drink the soup to eat vegetables and staple food (starch), and finally eat protein-rich food such as meat, eggs and fish.Its scientific basis is: related to the distribution of human digestive enzymes in the digestive tract.

銆€銆€Fruits and soups are used first and quickly pass through the digestive tract and are quickly digested and absorbed (if placed after a meal, they will be blocked by food and stay in the digestive tract to ferment and swell).

The staple food is eaten first because most of the enzymes that digest starch are in the intestines. They can be digested and absorbed through the stomach to the intestines.

銆€銆€The chicken, duck and fish meat with a lot of protein content is digested by pepsin in the stomach, so other foods pass through the stomach first, and finally the foods that eat protein are slowly digested and then absorbed into the intestines (otherwise, these foods will be blocked in the advanced food).In the stomach, you have to wait for a long time to pass, hold up a big belly, and also affect digestion and absorption.

銆€銆€This will keep the abdomen refreshed and maintain a beautiful body shape.

In addition, you should keep eating less and eat more meals every day, and the napkins are full, so that the digestion efficiency is high, and you can maintain a reasonable waist circumference (man 90 cm, women 85 cm).

銆€銆€The image of dance art is the core issue of the creation of dance beauty, and the whole body of the dancer is a tool for creating the artistic image of dance.

Without the body, this tool can’t create the beauty of dance, and the body must be bodybuilding. The book “Weak alkaline body is the foundation of bodybuilding” provides you with theoretical basis and specific measures.

This is the material basis.

銆€銆€Under all the substitutions of the material basis, it is more important to have an intrinsic foundation of the spirit.

The famous French artist Luo Dan said well: “We are admired in the human body with such a beautiful appearance, it is better to say that the human body is transparent and bright inside.

“The beauty of the human body is the unity of external beauty and inner beauty.

Inner beauty is the beauty of thoughts and feelings, the beauty of spiritual realm, the beauty of morality and beauty, and the inner beauty is caused by the cultivation of human character and spiritual culture, which in turn determines the grace, temperament and taste of a person.

There is no such foundation.

It is a loss to want to jump out of the beauty.