Back pain, not necessarily all kidney qi deficiency, some related to temper

Back pain, not necessarily all kidney qi deficiency, some related to temper

The symptoms of back pain are generally treated by the method of supplementing the kidney and kidney, or filling the kidney essence, nourishing the kidney yin, warming the kidney yang and so on.

However, in some categories of patients, the symptoms of backache and low back pain are related to the symptoms of the spleen and stomach. The symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort are aggravated, and the symptoms of back pain can also be aggravated; this is because the muscle tendons are trapped by the spleen.

Spleen and stomach turbidity increased abnormally, turbid gas in the middle of the coke, the water valley gas can not be transported, stay in the chest, then the chest tightness is full, staying in the replacement of the road, then vomiting and acid reflux, stool thinning, flow of meridians and limbsThen, there are symptoms such as soreness in the lower back and soreness in the limbs.

Treatment of such symptoms often use the culture of the spleen and stomach, with reasonable gas and dampness.

If the yang does not change, water and dampness, you can apply Wuzhisan spleen and warm yang, diuresis and dampness; or spleen and stomach weakness, stomach full of acid reflux, can be used in Chen Xia Liujun soup spleen qi, qi and dampness and stomach;The spleen and stomach are weak, the water is not wet, and the symptoms of diarrhea can be applied. The Shenqi Baizhu powder can be applied; the medium gas is insufficient, the shortness of breath is weak and the weight is weak, and the Buzhong Yiqi Pill can be used to make the air machine rise.

These specific prescriptions and guidelines, as well as spleen and stomach symptoms can be applied, sometimes conditioning the spleen and stomach, the application of spleen method for the symptoms of back pain and soreness, have a good relief.

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