Choose the yoga that suits you according to your personality Generally speaking, Hinduism never opposes people’s pursuit of enjoyment and success, but wait for the day when you finally get tired of pursuing these pleasures and success again, you will begin to pursue the way of liberation. Hinduism believes thatContinue Reading

Incorrect selection of toothpaste [Guide]Nowadays, various children’s toothpastes on the market often attract people’s attention with cute appearance and additional functions. However, choosing the wrong toothpaste for the baby can not only prevent caries from damaging the baby’s teeth. So, what should you pay attention to when buying toothpaste forContinue Reading

Acupuncture for Periarthritis of the Shoulder In the early stage of periarthritis, patients with mainly pain symptoms can receive acupuncture once a day, followed by those with shoulder dyskinesia. The treatment is usually once every other day, and 12 times is a course of two coursesOn the average 7 daysContinue Reading

More food for the elderly: flour and miscellaneous grains Flour: protein, trace amounts, calcium carbonate and supplementary fiber. Chinese medicine believes that flour is sweet and cool, has the effect of nourishing the heart and kidney, strengthening the spleen and thick intestine, and removing heat and thirst. The buns, dumplings,Continue Reading

Cool Moisturizing 4 Natural Masks First, beer pore shrinkage mask. hzh {display: none; }  啤酒中的蛇麻子是一种清凉剂,具有预防面疱、脓疱等作用,对缩小毛孔也有奇效。  Step 1: Take a clean small bowl and pour in beer.   Step 2: Immerse the medical cotton gauze in the beer for about 3 minutes.   Step 3: Remove the cotton yarn, twist it slightly, and apply itContinue Reading

Recommended eight kinds of medicated diet for kidney deficiency How is kidney deficiency diet? Recommended eight kinds of medicated diet for kidney deficiency What to do if you click to buy kidney deficiency? Kidney deficiency causes your physical strength to become weak and sweat easily, but as long as conditioning,Continue Reading

5 different faces, may be a health problem A person’s face can clearly reflect a person’s health. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, a person’s face is very important. There are five disease colors on his body, including white, yellow, red, and black.The five colors of blue correspond toContinue Reading

Drinking chocolate milk works better after fitness What beverage do you choose to drink after a long, hard workout? Note that there are not many choices, nothing more than sports water such as water or Gatorade. However, Joel Stagel of Indiana University points out that there are other common, deliciousContinue Reading

I want to “cut” your mouth “Xitian learns from a team of four to lay off staff. The boss gives you a place. Who do you choose? “This is a forum hot topic recently sought after by netizens.   In the context of the global financial crisis, “layoffs” have become aContinue Reading