Taiji Yang Yang Style Taijiquan Pushing Hand


Taiji Yang Yang Style Taijiquan Pushing Hand

The nutritional value of black bean sea cucumber soup The black bean in the therapeutic side was used to place livestock. It was found that after the black bean was eaten by the livestock, not only the disease resistance was enhanced, but also the body became strong and healthy.

The health benefits of black beans are extraordinary. They are called Beans. They are only livestock, and people can eat them. They can also keep fit.

The reason why black beans can keep fit is because black beans can nourish the kidneys, and the kidneys can be raised, and the natural condition will be improved.

Some people may say: Since the kidney is a congenital one, this means that the strength of kidney function depends on the innate factors and thus on the physical condition of the parents.

This statement is not wrong, but we have to add a point: although the kidney is a congenital, but the maintenance of the day can also change the condition of the insufficiency of the innate kidney.

Therefore, for those who are congenitally debilitated, it is more important to consider the day after day to nurse, which is also a necessary means to change the congenital deficiency.

Because black beans are black, in the five elements, black is water, kidney is also watery, black beans into the kidney, have a better tonic effect on the kidney.

The kidneys are well nourished, and the essence of the kidneys can fully nourish the bones and build a strong tooth.

In addition, to improve the body weakness, low back pain, knee soft face edema and other physical discomfort, patients can also use black beans to nurse the body.

Chinese medicine believes that sea cucumber is salty, and the salty taste of the five elements is human kidney. It has the effect of nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney.

Black beans and sea cucumbers can be used together to improve kidney deficiency and strengthen teeth.

Haishen Black Bean Soup Recently read the famous doctor of the Republic of China, Peng Ziyi, “The Medieval Medicine of the Round Movement”, which talked about the tonic, saying that “where the supplements are generally biased, or full of swell, or dry heat, all kinds of discomfort,鍔熶笉鎶佃繃鈥︹€︽儫鈥樻捣鍙傞粦璞嗘堡鈥欐柟锛屾湇涔嬫剤涔咃紝绁炴剤娓咃紝姘旀剤鐖斤紝鏈嶄箣缁堣韩锛屼笉浠呰兘鍗寸梾寤跺勾鑰屽凡銆?- Peng Ziyi said, “This party is a flesh and blood product, and one is the essence of Gu Shi.”

Sea cucumber big tonifying kidney yang, black bean big kidney water.

Those who are half-length, lack of energy, reduced diet, no need to supplement medicine, and those who do not have meridians can quickly serve this source to supplement the roots of Qi.

“The kidneys are probably, and the age is very old, it is incredible.”

The production book said that the small ginseng produced in Liaohai is the best.

The sea cucumber in the picture is said to be called “dog ginseng” in the local area.

Dried to the mainland, it is also three hundred yuan a pound.

Practice 1 dry sea cucumber for 24 hours, wash away the dirt in the abdomen, do not go.

2 black beans soaked overnight.

According to the book, a small black thorn is a black bean.

Converted three times according to this ratio, I feel that there are too many black beans and replace two black beans with two sea cucumbers.

Cook for eight hours on low heat.

Use electronic corrugated, adjust to automatic gear, save trouble.

After three hours of squatting, the sea cucumber has melted in the soup.

This kind of soup, the mother is weak, can only drink half a bowl at a time.

Remember to let go of salt, salt into the kidney, that is, use salt as a medicine to introduce the nutrition calendar of sea cucumber.

4 Every morning, the old mother is still in bed, and she puts it on the bed at the end of the soup, and says: Drink it, don’t talk.

Because, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, vitality will run away in the body through the sound, so-called “less words and nourish” is also.

After taking supplements and supplements, it is necessary to retain vitality. “The hollow is about to eat after eating, and when it is less, it will be pressed with food, and it will not stay in the stomach,” and “Ningxin is thinking, medicine must be effective”That is to say, after the tonic is taken, the mind is noisy and nourishment, and taking the medicine has a magical effect.

There are only five small sea cucumbers, and there are only three small bowls of soup. After leaving these beans, the soup is squeezed out with gauze.

Originally, the soup should be eaten with the beans, but the mother only wants to drink the soup, so after the soup is squeezed out, the remaining bean dregs are even fried and eaten as food. Otherwise, it is a pity to dump the things.

6 Peng Ziyi said: “You can take it before and after the time, the effect coefficient”, this variable should be ugly, that is, midnight to three o’clock.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t wake up at that time, so I always missed the best time of Peng Ziyi, and changed to take it before my mother went to sleep.

銆€銆€The large frame of Yang style Taijiquan, namely the pre-frame, the body frame, and the popular frame.

Its representative character, Yang Chengyu, is tall and tall, and his body is sturdy. When he pushes his hand, he is quiet and loose, and the outer soft is just inside. The iron is wrapped in iron and the weight is extremely heavy.

銆€銆€The middle frame of the Yang style Taijiquan in the middle frame, that is, the training frame, the slow frame, and the power frame.Its representative, Yang Jianhou, is simple and easy to remember.
Later passed on Xu Yusheng.
銆€銆€Small frame Yang style Taijiquan small frame, namely, frame, fast frame, and technical frame.
Its representative character, Yang Shaohou, is of a moderately clean body. He urges that “the circle should be small and use the strength to be skillful”.
銆€銆€Yang style Taijiquan pushes the big view: Pushing hands, also known as hitters, hands, pickpockets, and relying on hands, is the training method of Tai Chi Chuan combat technology.
銆€銆€It is reported that the earliest Tai Chi Chuan boxing technique, from the Taiji dip (sticky) even the gun sticking, the phase change, the winding forward and backward, the seal is forced to throw and evolve, and it is said that “the smear is to be late.”
Because of the combination of “sweet and spit” and the techniques of grasping the ribs, pressing the veins, closing the holes, intercepting the gas, and taking the sputum, the instant synchronization and application, the method is simple, the method is fierce, and the lethality is great.
The training of “sweet and spit” has given birth to the technique of pushing and pushing the “staining and sticking with the stick”, and the technology of pushing hands has changed with the changes of the same generation and society.
銆€銆€At the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, the technology of pushing hands and understanding is getting higher and higher, and the technical content of grasping the tendons, pressing the veins, and closing the acupoints began to weaken. In modern society, the pushers also pursued to understand, but the techniques of grasping the tendons, pressing the veins, and closing the holes have been lost.As far as the blogging skills are diminishing, health and fitness, leisure and leisure, entertainment performance is getting stronger and stronger. Understanding, is a compulsory course for Tai Chi Chuan pusher technology, is the only standard for measuring Tai Chi Chuan pusher technology.
Therefore, the traditional Yang Taijiquan, regardless of the large, medium and small frames, is entangled with the human arm and entangled with the limbs, applying the technique of 鈥渄rinking and sticking without falling to the top鈥? practicing the whole body skin touch and inner body in mutual restraint.The sharpness of the reflection, the experience and the feelings of the ancients, “the yin and yang gram, the soft and the change of the wonderful”, in order to obtain “intelligence”, the higher the understanding, the deeper the effort, the ultimate in strength is the boxing theoryThe difference between the “God” and the “Desire” is that it uses different techniques to create people’s forms and styles.
銆€銆€Yang Chengyi, a representative of Yang’s big frame, is tall and sturdy. When he pushes his hand, he is quiet and loose. He is soft and tight inside, and he is wrapped in iron. His weight is extremely heavy. He uses the 鈥渇our positives鈥?hand to pull it hard and is unbreakable. Li Yaxuan senior瑷€: “Mr. Yang’s efforts, playing out loose and soft bullets, there is transparency, there is the possibility of smashing the skeleton of the human chest, the power of the inside is thrilling, there is a sense of panic.”The fifth door of the family wrote Wen Yun, “Tai Chi is the inner boxing method, it is an excellent martial arts, and Yang Jiasu has the saying that “the shot is red.”
Cheng Yugong “takes a shot of eight”, so he convinced the martial arts group.
Nowadays, no matter which brother, when you push your hand, you can take it easy, soften and soften, loosely release the 鈥榮hooting one foot five’, and even 鈥榟and out one foot two’, that is, the Yang family authentic descendant!
銆€銆€Yang Shaohou, a representative of Yang’s small frame, has a moderately clean body. He urges that “the circle should be small, the use of strength should be skillful”, the corresponding hand should be appropriate, the nature should be natural, and the person should be in the “unpredictable” style.It’s different, saying, 鈥淚t’s not in the distance, but you are taking the center of gravity of others, and the center of gravity has already started. That is, others are already in their own hands. What should be done, and why should they be sent to thousands of miles?
From the original place, the original place will be more fierce and fierce.
銆€銆€The so-called soldiers do not deceive, the winners are also.
Finger down, hit the East.
First and then light, or light and then heavy, looming impermanence, ups and downs, so that the enemy does not know my true and false, and I everywhere seeking the virtual reality.
Be responsive, listen to the strength, watch the movement, get the chance, attack the situation, check its voice, ask its symptoms.
Therefore, the cloud, the virtual reality should be clearly divided, and there is always a false reality in one place.
“Yang’s boxing technique is a combination of large and medium-sized hand-pushing techniques, each with its own merits, and the three are unified. It has both the momentum of “playing the world and the world” and the modern style of “cultivating the world”.
銆€銆€In summary, Yang’s boxing, frame, frame, and frame; Yang’s boxing, that is, training frame, slow frame, skill frame; Yang’s boxing frame, that is, pre-frame, body frameAnd popularize the shelf.
The small, medium and large frames taught by Mr. Zhang Huchen are called Taiji Small, Taiji, and Taiji Zheng Road. They are also known as racks, training frames and pre-frames.
The three have both difficulty and difficulty, as well as the mother frame and the child frame.
The three complement each other and have their own characteristics. The first one is unified in the Yang Taijiquan system.
銆€銆€Taijiquan must be learned from the basics, and there are ladders on the order. It is not difficult to enter the room.
You must learn the tradition, the unity of the body, and the popularity of the nation and the world, you can learn Yang’s big frame; you want to work on the upper floor, you can learn the Yang’s middle frame and the power frame on the big shelf; you are thinking about the predecessors, obsessed with martial arts.You can learn Yang’s small frame and frame on the basis of the large frame and the middle frame. When you push the hand to understand the kung fu, “One can’t add, the fly can’t fall, people don’t know me, I know the person”, self-powered.The hero is invincible.”
銆€銆€To practice the Yang style Taijiquan pusher, you need to have a strong foundation for Taijiquan. Because the pusher has a changing trend, there is no solid foundation for the skillful use of recommended pusher stunts.