Have some vague vinegar

Have some vague vinegar

There is a kind of crazy thing that is not worth mentioning. It is called jealousy.

where is he?

with whom?

What are you doing?

What topics are they talking about?

where is she?

With whom?

What kind of friend?

How tacit?

Thinking like that, guessing, the sourness in my heart is because I care too much and I am afraid to lose.

Eating a little vinegar can make you feel good, and turning it into a large vinegar tank is badly broken.

  Sun Yan (female) 24-year-old beauty editor If someone never knows what it means to be jealous, it is because he never really cares about anyone.

Once you care about a person, and you are afraid of losing, you will inevitably be jealous.

  The feeling of being jealous is strange and indescribable. It may be a chemical reaction in my heart?

Sour, fidgeting, with his claws scratching his heart; for a while, he was sulking, and then he lost his temper, but everything was bad.

Imagination is expanding like never before, and I want an answer, but what kind of answer is it?

It seems that I can’t figure it out, in fact, some kind of answer will not make me completely at ease.

  Love is selfish and monopolistic. Whenever I quarrel with him because of this, he says that I am so jealous that I want to eat him.

In fact, I was even more anxious to swallow the girl who was close to him.

They all say that jealous people actually lack confidence in themselves, maybe.

Anyway, every time I go over the river, because I don’t find any big excuses, I also know that I’m suspicious, and finally I’m so angry.

Well, think about it, the world is so beautiful, but I am so irritable. It is so bad, it is not good for the stability and unity between us.

But why can’t you help it?

  Yu Jin (male) 26-year-old property management jealousy is not a woman’s nature. Compared with women, men’s jealous performance shows that they are not as hysterical as that, but quite scary.

  Take myself, sometimes I can’t help but be jealous. Generally, I’m relatively silent and dying.

Then it suddenly broke out, and a word of surprise came out of people, or almost caused something too much, just like wanting to find the kid theory or simply duel with men.

But there was really no excuse and reason, so I had to blow my beard and stare at my girlfriend, scaring her enough to think that I had taken the wrong medicine.

And when she understood that I was angry because of jealousy, it was obvious that she had become quite proud and useful from her original anger.

  It seems that occasionally eating dry vinegar does not necessarily result in quarrels or cold wars. More often, this is an opportunity to let my girlfriend know that I care about her, and this expression is more explicit than “I love you””Or” I can’t live without you “for years.

No wonder she always said that I was jealous and cute. Hey, women are really animals without principles. In order to prove that they are attractive, they would rather look at our men with sour hearts.

So ah, if you are a man, you ca n’t always be jealous. Once you are used to spoiling her, then you lose our dignity, do n’t you?

  Passerby Jia (male), a 27-year-old refrigeration engineer who has a big vinegar jar as a girlfriend, should be very proud at first: See how important I am, she will rush into this for me . But it must be a long time.

First of all, there is no heterosexuality. Basically, do n’t even think about those who have confidantes or other things. Not only that, colleagues of the opposite sex and friends of the opposite sex will also become the object of her unwarranted hostility.Hedong shouted, and the explanation was clear at that time.

  If a person has a jealous habit, then the object she is jealous is strange, it may be: my dog, MM of the cashier in the supermarket, football game, my high school monitor, a stylish woman passing by, one on TVConservative, cute little girl, my new female assistant . If you say sourly in jealousy, it will be: “Why come back so early?

Talk to her more.

“Why didn’t you tell her about me?”

Is there anything you can’t say?

“” With her, will you think of me?”Don’t explain, the darker it gets.

“I can do this with you, if I’m not here, I don’t know what you and her do!

“You can guarantee that you are boring to her, but how can you guarantee that she is boring to you?”

“. So, no matter how firm a lover can’t hold it, let alone sometimes, the other party’s inexplicable jealousy can make you embarrassed in front of others, and you can’t step down.

Vinegar is the condiment of emotional life. Occasionally, it is eaten and eaten, but it contrasts the sweetness of the two people. If you eat too much, it will change the taste, and it will be offensive to people.