Five Qi Health Health TCM

Five Qi Health Health TCM

Traditional Chinese medicine experts’ vitality is an important aspect of health regimen, which is summarized in the following aspects: Cultivating vitality and vitality is the foundation of life.

People should pursue something, but not extravagantly.

No need for extravagance.

People should ask for what they can, give up what they can’t, and feel comfortable and cultivate vitality.

  Quiet ventilation If you can keep your brain quiet for half an hour or one day every day, you can give full play to the potential of brain cells, coordinate physiology and emotion, and reduce heat energy consumption.

The quiet brain makes the whole body’s muscles easy to relax, and the qi and blood flow unobstructed.

  Xinpingqi and Chinese medicine believe that eroticism has a direct relationship with the internal organs. Excessive anger hurts the lungs and congestion. Overjoyed qi and blood disperse.

Peace of mind can balance yin and yang, reconcile the six pulses, and eliminate illness and prolong life.

  Broad stomach nourishing gas. Humans can sustain the stomach to digest and absorb nutrients. Wide stomach nourishing gas is very important.

Uncontrolled diet, inexhaustible tobacco and alcohol, cause insufficient stomach qi, blood deficiency.

  Changxiao relieves qi and massages and stimulates the nose, chest, and abdomen.

After meals, walking in the court room, or whispering your favorite poems, or humming minor keys, you can relax your mood, eliminate distractions, and reach the realm of forgetfulness.