First Capital Holdings (600376) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Sales, High Performance Subsidiary intends to increase capital, expand shares, downgrade interest rates In the third quarter of 19th quarter, the revenue quarter was + 39%, and the performance quarter was + 29%. High-margin projects in and outside Beijing were carriedContinue Reading

Girls’ psychological development must go through 3 stages Cognitive psychology believes that a large increase in sexual information and great changes in people’s sexuality concepts, all of these will stimulate and stimulate the girls’ brains and gonads, and will promote the early budding of sexual physiology.Psychological development.   However, the developmentContinue Reading

Learn “New Tips” on Baby Feeding with Experts [Guide]Since childcare talks about science, there must be scientific guiding principles, which have been continuously improved after investigation. With the progress of the times, some parenting guidance has changed greatly, such as feeding precautions, how to add complementary food, and now summarizeContinue Reading

Emotional Intelligence in Love and Marriage Love and marriage are important relationships. The wrong way you deal with it can often lead to the disintegration of love relationships and family breakdown. Therefore, for your own happiness, in order to succeed in love and happiness after marriage, you need to trainContinue Reading

More food for the elderly: flour and miscellaneous grains Flour: protein, trace amounts, calcium carbonate and supplementary fiber. Chinese medicine believes that flour is sweet and cool, has the effect of nourishing the heart and kidney, strengthening the spleen and thick intestine, and removing heat and thirst. The buns, dumplings,Continue Reading

锘? Older women, 65 years old, don’t take off the bra Many elderly women think that wearing a bra is a young age. After the skin is getting loose, the bra seems to be unnecessary. 銆€銆€But experts reminded that the bra was taken too early. 銆€銆€Ma Haihuan, chief physician ofContinue Reading

锘? Drink some mint water after fitness After fitness, a few mouthfuls of cold white can relieve the lack of water after exercise, but can not eliminate the feeling of thirst, but if you drink mint water, the feeling will be different. This is my experience of 鈥渟tolen鈥?from the coachContinue Reading

Early autumn elderly maintenance should pay attention to five aspects During the summer season, the day is hot, the evening is cool, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the elderly and the infirm are often too late to adapt. Therefore, the elderly should pay more attentionContinue Reading