_1 Four nourishing tips for thick hair 1. Moisturizing is the most important. . hzh {display: none; }  头发和皮肤一样,保湿是最基本也是最重要的步骤。If the moisturizing work is not done well, no matter how much nutrition is given to the hair, it will not be absorbed, and bifurcation, yellowing, and frizz problems will follow. My experienceContinue Reading

Ice Beauty Skin Whitening Makes It Simple Fan Bingbing’s white is well-known in the entertainment industry. It is so-called one-white covering and ten ugly, and the skin will soon appear full of rural flavor. How can Fan Bingbing, known as the “Bing Beauty”, be flawless and transparent? Is there someContinue Reading

5 ways to help your child sleep well The incidence of sleep disorders in Guangzhou residents is as high as 47%, making it one of the “hard sleep” cities in China! Even more annoying is that 25% of children in China have sleep disorders! The total prevalence of sleep disordersContinue Reading

锘?_1 Eastern and Western health methods have their own merits Differences in health care methods Chinese health advocates the cultivation of sexual temperament, practicing Qi and repairing the heart, pursuing internal strength, that is, raising qi, is the so-called “cultivating qi, nurturing the heart, nurturing the body, humbly and staticContinue Reading

锘? Twelve o’clock Meridian Health Comparison Table 12 o’clock corresponding to five lines Twelve o’clock Meridian Health Pregnancy Table Twelve o’clock corresponds to the five elements in the great motherland medicine, and the twelve o’clock coincides with the twelve meridians of Chinese medicine. Each meridian runs the most active oneContinue Reading