Apple can regulate gastrointestinal treatment for constipation and diarrhea Apple has a good gastrointestinal conditioning effect, suitable for constipation and diarrhea patients. So, how can constipation and diarrhea patients eat apples to better play their role in conditioning the stomach?   The reason why apples have the dual functions of antidiarrhealContinue Reading

Have some vague vinegar There is a kind of crazy thing that is not worth mentioning. It is called jealousy. where is he? with whom? What are you doing? What topics are they talking about? where is she? With whom? What kind of friend? How tacit? Thinking like that, guessing,Continue Reading

Baby cross-eyes mainly due to hanging toys by the bed In order to make the newborn baby happy, many parents often hang colorful toys beside the crib. Its beautiful name is to cultivate the baby’s aesthetics and the ability to recognize colors. In fact, they are doing things that harmContinue Reading

Five Qi Health Health TCM Traditional Chinese medicine experts’ vitality is an important aspect of health regimen, which is summarized in the following aspects: Cultivating vitality and vitality is the foundation of life. People should pursue something, but not extravagantly. No need for extravagance. People should ask for what theyContinue Reading

5 different faces, may be a health problem A person’s face can clearly reflect a person’s health. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, a person’s face is very important. There are five disease colors on his body, including white, yellow, red, and black.The five colors of blue correspond toContinue Reading

锘? Taiji Yang Yang Style Taijiquan Pushing Hand The nutritional value of black bean sea cucumber soup The black bean in the therapeutic side was used to place livestock. It was found that after the black bean was eaten by the livestock, not only the disease resistance was enhanced, butContinue Reading

锘? Will pregnant women eat popsicles “freeze” to the baby? Fetus is also very sensitive to cold stimulation. When pregnant women drink cold water or eat popsicles to drink cold drinks, the fetus will sometimes be restless in the womb, and fetal movement will become frequent. Popsicles contain high sugarContinue Reading