Four dress tips for beauty and health We know that clothing is a must-have for beauty, and it’s also a piece of equipment to keep you warm, but have you heard that clothes can be related to health?   Suggestion 1: Do n’t put too tight on your underwear to preventContinue Reading

Mulberry leaf water can be implanted in the summer cold Guide: summer cold, often manifested as headache, dry mouth and nose, cough without sputum, sore throat and other symptoms, the key to causing a summer cold is clear, moisturize, clear energy, dispel fire, moisturize dryness, and mulberry leavesIt has twoContinue Reading

I want to “cut” your mouth “Xitian learns from a team of four to lay off staff. The boss gives you a place. Who do you choose? “This is a forum hot topic recently sought after by netizens.   In the context of the global financial crisis, “layoffs” have become aContinue Reading

锘? Good luck, in fact, is also a ability Life is determined by the day, and it is born by itself. People have brilliant moments in their lives, but some people come early, some people come late. Where does the good fortune come from? 01 Having a good body fromContinue Reading

锘? Tai Chi Fitness – both internal and external Taiji has the duality of physical fitness and fighting skills. Even the famous 19-generation descendant of Chen Style Taijiquan in Houston and Mr. Cheng Jincai, president of the American Chen Style Taijiquan Association, also made a move for Yao Ming: “IfContinue Reading