[How to make lemon pig feet]_How to do_How to do Pig feet are mainly the forelegs and hind legs of pigs. Rich collagen appears on pig feet, so many women think that eating pig feet will help prevent collagen loss. And when making pig’s feet, many different methods have beenContinue Reading

[How to peel wild pecan]_Pecan_How to peel _How to shell Everyone knows that walnuts are divided into wild pecans and planted walnuts. Generally, the walnut husks grown by farmers are very thin, and the walnuts have more flesh, which tastes better, but the mountains are long.The wild walnut has aContinue Reading

Focus Media (002027) Annual Report 2018 and 2019 First Quarterly Comment: Short-term results under high-speed expansion are awaiting signs of recovery Event: Focus Media released the 2018 annual report and the 2019 first quarter report. Operating income growth has entered an adjustment period, the post-economic cycle effect is being realized,Continue Reading

Licorice tonifying spleen and nourishing qi and detoxification Licorice is nicknamed molecular weight, including Guolao, beautiful grass, honeygrass, sweet grass and so on. Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty said: “The licorice root concord medicine has the functions of the veterans, the universal cure of evils, and the transformation ofContinue Reading

_1 Baby appetite massage is a good way Core tip: Many parents have such troubles. Why does my baby always grow fat? The appetite is not good, eating is a big problem, the body is lean, and the wind and the grass will cause a fever and a cold, andContinue Reading

Four dress tips for beauty and health We know that clothing is a must-have for beauty, and it’s also a piece of equipment to keep you warm, but have you heard that clothes can be related to health?   Suggestion 1: Do n’t put too tight on your underwear to preventContinue Reading

Mulberry leaf water can be implanted in the summer cold Guide: summer cold, often manifested as headache, dry mouth and nose, cough without sputum, sore throat and other symptoms, the key to causing a summer cold is clear, moisturize, clear energy, dispel fire, moisturize dryness, and mulberry leavesIt has twoContinue Reading