Focus Media (002027) Annual Report 2018 and 2019 First Quarterly Comment: Short-term results under high-speed expansion are awaiting signs of recovery Event: Focus Media released the 2018 annual report and the 2019 first quarter report. Operating income growth has entered an adjustment period, the post-economic cycle effect is being realized,Continue Reading

China Represents Leaders and Parties Seeking Long-term Solution to the Idlib Issue Through Dialogue and Negotiation On February 28, Ambassador Zhang Jun, China’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, ranked at the Syrian and Syrian Idlib Deviation Public Meeting.Photograph by Li Liang of the People ‘s Network United Nations onContinue Reading

First Capital Holdings (600376) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Sales, High Performance Subsidiary intends to increase capital, expand shares, downgrade interest rates In the third quarter of 19th quarter, the revenue quarter was + 39%, and the performance quarter was + 29%. High-margin projects in and outside Beijing were carriedContinue Reading

Five tips for wine When it comes to wine, what do you think of, a romantic French winery? The sweetness of the tip of the tongue? Or the appeal of wine culture? In fact, the practical value of wine is ubiquitous in life, so in addition to some basic effects,Continue Reading

Licorice tonifying spleen and nourishing qi and detoxification Licorice is nicknamed molecular weight, including Guolao, beautiful grass, honeygrass, sweet grass and so on. Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty said: “The licorice root concord medicine has the functions of the veterans, the universal cure of evils, and the transformation ofContinue Reading

Apple can regulate gastrointestinal treatment for constipation and diarrhea Apple has a good gastrointestinal conditioning effect, suitable for constipation and diarrhea patients. So, how can constipation and diarrhea patients eat apples to better play their role in conditioning the stomach?   The reason why apples have the dual functions of antidiarrhealContinue Reading

Drinking too much sweet drink can easily lead to auntie liver According to the data provided by the latest Ciming Health Examination Report on the Health Status of Bone Essence in China’s Urban Health Survey, there are currently 26 urban white-collar workers in developing countries. 5% suffer from gastrointestinal, liverContinue Reading

How to play excellent blue depression? Nowadays, the acceleration of the pace of life, the fierce competition, and the complexity of interpersonal relationships have increased people’s ideological burden. As a result, the number of people suffering from depression has also increased dramatically. So, how to make this blue melancholia noContinue Reading