Diligent use of the brain is the key to raising growth


Diligent use of the brain is the key to raising growth

The law of life diligently uses the brain to hang a horizontal spot in the middle of the room where the print is bright, and the three characters of Shu Lang’s enthusiasm: “Three Lounges.”

Asked about his origins, he smiled, once, chatting with a calligrapher friend, when asked about life hobbies, he said: I have three leisure, chat, read books, write leisurely.

Two days later, the serious calligrapher sent the “three idle halls” to the door.

Ever since, the print quality has naturally become the three idlers.

In fact, the three idlers are rarely idle. He reads books in the morning and writes at night. The three meals a day and the time of bedtime are very regular.

Even after going to the United States to visit her daughter, after the time difference, he still insisted on his schedule.

銆€銆€Yin Ming believes that the key to maintaining health for the elderly is no longer sports, but a good life and a sensitive mind.

Once the mind is confused, nothing can be said.

The best way to keep your mind from degrading is to use your brain. The only way to prevent damage to your old machine is to turn it properly.

If you have the hard work, you will have something to gain. In a few years, he has completed twenty episodes of the TV series “Skynet” and “God and Shape – Talking about the Performing Art of Xie Tian”.

銆€銆€After the death of his wife, the quality of the prints has become more and more clean, and the social activities that can be pushed away are resolutely pushed away. Every time he is sincerely facing, I am not a star, just an old actor, I can’t satisfy you.The sensational effect.

銆€銆€For the pursuit of perfection in his life, he almost reached the point of demanding himself; for the emotional marriage life, the print quality also requires perfection and beauty, and can not tolerate a little embarrassment.

In order to find the ideal partner, he was only married for forty years.

After the death of his wife Jiang Xinyi, who had been in contact for more than 30 years, the two children were not around. Some people advised him to find another wife, and there was a good care in life.

The printing quality is unwilling. He said that the marital relationship was cultivated after years of grinding. In addition, most of the old habits and personalities were cultivated. It is almost intrinsic that it is difficult to change. Why bother to change yourself to cater to others?Isn’t this a 鈥渉ard to find鈥?sin?

The lessons of some elderly people rushing to remarriage and divorcing have already fully explained this truth.