Tai Chi Fitness – both internal and external

Tai Chi Fitness – both internal and external

Taiji has the duality of physical fitness and fighting skills. Even the famous 19-generation descendant of Chen Style Taijiquan in Houston and Mr. Cheng Jincai, president of the American Chen Style Taijiquan Association, also made a move for Yao Ming: “If the little giant reallyLearning Tai Chi, it is possible to become the giant of the NBA.
In addition to the various muscle groups and joints that need to be active, it is also necessary to cooperate with uniform breathing, and it is especially required to try to be “quiet” and mentally active during practice.
Therefore, practicing Tai Chi can adjust the body and mind. If it is sustained, it will be very beneficial to all organs and systems of the human body, which can enhance physical fitness and improve health.
The impact on the nervous system When practicing Tai Chi, you need to be mentally focused. There is no distracting thoughts, that is, you must use your mind.
In this way, under the control of consciousness, people’s minds always focus on the movements, excluding the interference of other thoughts in the brain, focusing on the changes and coordination of the functions of the organs and organs of the whole body, so that the ability of the nervous system to be controlled by self-intelligence is improved.
At the same time, the mind is highly static, and the conductors make the cerebral cortex enter a protective inhibition state, which can eliminate the nervous fatigue of the brain, clear the mind, activate the emotions, repair the balance of the nervous system, and eliminate some chronic disease lesions.
Cardiovascular effects Taiji’s soft and coordinated action will promote the elasticity of blood vessels, and the stability of vascular nerves will be more adaptable to external stimuli.
Taiji is different from strenuous exercise. After exercise, the diastolic blood pressure will decrease. Long-term exercise will help prevent high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, and is beneficial to health and longevity.
The effect on the respiratory system When practicing Tai Chi, it is often accompanied by a deep abdominal breathing, so that “gas Shen Dan Tian”, thus strengthening the movement of the diaphragm.
The movement of the diaphragm not only promotes the deepness of the breathing, but also increases the visceral peristalsis and promotes the blood circulation and gastrointestinal digestion of the abdominal cavity.
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