[Can a one-year-old drink soy milk_Can a one-year-old baby drink soy milk]

[Can a one-year-old drink soy milk_Can a one-year-old baby drink soy milk]

One-year-old babies can drink soy milk. At this time, the baby’s spleen and stomach development is still relatively perfect. As long as the child is not allergic to protein, drinking soy milk is completely no problem. The nutritional value of soy milk is still very good, especially rich in a variety ofMinerals and vitamins have relatively high calcium content, which is very helpful for promoting children’s bone development. Let’s take a look at this.

Can a baby more than one year old drink soy milk?

Soymilk contains trace amounts of human body and protein, which is still very nutritious.

But because your baby is still young, you should also avoid drinking too much at one time to avoid protein allergies.

Because the plant protein in soy milk will increase the burden on the kidneys, and the milk is cold, so as not to cause the baby’s indigestion, and the fact that legumes are prone to cause bloating in the baby also needs attention.

Soy milk is rich in nutrients, rich in high-quality protein, and iron content is sufficient for fresh milk.

But because the baby’s rehabilitation function has not been fully developed, some substances in soy milk are not conducive to the baby’s absorption and utilization.

Infants under the age of one should not drink soy milk.

Toddlers after the age of one can drink soy milk, but drink less.

Your baby is one and a half years old, so you can drink soy milk appropriately.

What should baby pay attention to when drinking soy milk?

Can’t rush into eggs.

Egg white in eggs combines with plasma proteins in soy milk to produce substances that are not easily absorbed by the body.


Do not drink on an empty stomach.

Drinking soymilk on an empty stomach, most of the protein in soymilk will be converted into metabolized in the human body and consumed, and the supplementary effect cannot be fully utilized.


Not everyone.

Soy milk is flat and cold, so it is usually cold, spleen deficiency is easy to diarrhea, people with bloating should not put in soy milk.


Drinking undercooked soy milk will poison you.

Raw soy milk contains saponins, trypsin inhibitors and other harmful substances, which can be absorbed before cooking, which can cause poisoning.


Do not feed your baby with soy milk instead of milk.

The quality of soy milk and milk protein is similar, iron is 5 times that of milk, and unfortunately it is less than 30% of milk, calcium is only 20% of milk, and phosphorus is about 25% of milk.

Therefore, it should not be used to feed the baby directly instead of milk.


Avoid adding brown sugar.

Organic acids and bases in brown sugar can combine with the protein and calcium in soybean milk to produce denatures and calcium acetate, calcium lactate lumps.


Avoid excessive drinking of soy milk.

It is not advisable to drink too much alcohol at one time, otherwise it may easily cause food protein indigestion.


Do not use a thermos bottle to store soy milk.

Put the soy milk in a thermos bottle, increase the bacteria in the bottle, and use the soy milk as a nutrient to multiply under appropriate temperature conditions, so that the soy milk will rancid.


Do not drink with medication.

Some drugs can destroy the nutrients in soybean milk, such as antibiotic drugs such as erythromycin.