Licorice tonifying spleen and nourishing qi and detoxification

Licorice tonifying spleen and nourishing qi and detoxification

Licorice is nicknamed molecular weight, including Guolao, beautiful grass, honeygrass, sweet grass and so on.

Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty said: “The licorice root concord medicine has the functions of the veterans, the universal cure of evils, and the transformation of the kingly way, which can be described as the good phase in medicine.

“Glycyrrhiza uralensis, sweet and sweet, gentle nature, heart, spleen, lungs, stomach meridian.

For cold use, it can relieve fire and detoxify, relieve pain and analgesia;  Use cold temperature, can disperse cold, and nourish qi.

Licorice is also good at reconciling medicinal properties, relieving the poison of one hundred medicines, relieving fever with medicinal herbs with heat, relieving cold with medicinal herbs with cold, replenishing without sharpness, and diarrhea without speed.

Its tendency can be inside or outside, can be up and down, there is a tendency to rise and fall, it can be called a good phase in medicine.

In the field of Chinese medicine, there are “ten prescriptions and nine herbs” and “no herb can not make a prescription”, which shows that licorice is widely used.

  Glycine Herb Diet 1.
Licorice and Jujube Soup: 10 candied dates, 6 grams of raw licorice.

Put candied dates and raw licorice in a casserole, add 2 bowls of water, and cook to 1 bowl (about 300 ml). Remove the residue and take it 2 times a day.

  This soup supplements qi, nourishes lungs and coughs, and is suitable for chronic bronchitis cough, dry throat and sore throat and cough due to tuberculosis.

  2.Mung bean and licorice soup: 100 grams of mung beans and 10 grams of raw licorice.

Add the 2 flavors with the right amount of water, simmer in the heat, and choose any one.

This soup has the functions of clearing heat, detoxifying and dampening, and can be used as a refreshing drink in summer.

  Health experience side 1.
Ganmai jujube soup (“Gold Deficiency”): 10 grams of raw licorice, 10 jujubes (擘, pitted), 50 grams of wheat.

Put the top 3 flavors in the pot, add water and cook until the wheat blooms, and go to jujube to eat.

  This soup is good for nourishing qi and nourishing blood, clearing the heart and calming the nerves. It is a good way to treat women’s irritability and menopausal syndrome. Those who are upset and irritable, have insomnia, have many dreams, and even cry and laugh, or have five upset and fever, and have a lot of speech, take it lightly.

  2.Gantang Soup (“Treatise on Febrile Diseases”): 10 grams of raw licorice, 15 grams of bellflower, added sugar content, add water, cook for 20 minutes, and filter the juice.

Add water to cook and strain.

Mix the two juices and add them frequently.

  This soup clears heat and detoxifies, relieves pharyngeal and coughs, and can be used as a health and pharyngeal drink for teachers, actors, and others, and can also relieve the clinical symptoms of chronic chronic bronchitis.

  3. Licorice soup (“Treatise on Febrile Diseases”):  Glycyrrhiza uralensis, 15 grams each of habitat, Codonopsis, Ejiao, Guizhi, Ophiopogon, hemp kernel, 9 grams of ginger, 6 jujube.


This prescription is a well-known prescription for the treatment of arrhythmias. It is applicable to the ganglia syndrome caused by insufficient qi and yin. The symptoms include palpitations, shortness of breath, dry throat, dry lungs, cough, less tongue coating, and dryness.