Baby appetite massage is a good way


Baby appetite massage is a good way

Core tip: Many parents have such troubles. Why does my baby always grow fat?

The appetite is not good, eating is a big problem, the body is lean, and the wind and the grass will cause a fever and a cold, and a lot of tonics will not work.

  Li Ming, Deputy Chief Physician of Pediatric Massage Specialty, Foshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangdong Province, said that, like typical children with accumulated accumulation, they have poor digestive function and long-term health problems.), Or inadvertently taking nourishing medicines, it goes beyond the normal absorption and digestion of the spleen and stomach, aggravates the child’s anorexia symptoms, and affects the child’s normal growth and development.

In fact, the method of supplementing benefits is not limited to food supplements, and massage is also a very ideal way to keep fit.

  Parents can massage their children at home. This intimate skin contact can not only enhance parent-child relationship, but also at any time at home.

The subjects are usually children under 6 years old, but massage is better for children under 3 years old, and infants under 3 months are the best.

Dr. Li prescribed an easy-to-learn, manipulative alternative massage prescription for anorectic children.

  Click Zusanli. Zusanli is located 3 inches below the outer knee and about a lateral finger on the outside of the upper bone.

Find the sacrum first, and its lower edge is the sacral ligament.

There is a depression on both sides, the “outer knee eye” on the outside (the little toe side) and the “inner knee eye” (on the thumb side).

The outer knee is 3 inches (the length of the children’s four fingers close together), and the vertical bone is found below, but a lateral finger (the width of the middle finger of the child) is located three feet away from the outer side of the bone.

The baby should be in a supine position, so that the baby flexes his knees. Press the thumbs of his hands and place them on the three feet, stop them with the fingers, press and loosen, and do it 50 times in a row.

  Knead the middle cymbal in a supine position, with the lower end of the sternum and the midpoint of the navel connecting the depressions.

Parents use their middle finger pads to stick to the body surface, press down slightly, and then drive the skin to make gentle and gentle rotations for 50 consecutive times.

  Rub Dan Tian’s umbilicus down five points.

The method is the same as above.

  Squeeze the spine with both hands along the sides of the spine, and use the thumb and forefinger to grasp the skin continuously from side to side, and move forward while pinching. Pay attention to pinch the skin while pinching, and lift it every 3 times.

Just do it once a day.

  The Zusanli acupoint is the acupuncture point of the Zuyangming Stomach Meridian, which is a well-known “longevity acupoint”. The Zuyangming Stomach Meridian is a qi and bloody meridian.Dantian acupoints can invigorate the large intestine, spleen and stomach, eliminate food and guide stagnation; pinching the ridges can nourish qi and spleen, and dampen and help transport.

  Dr. Li suggested that parents can talk with their baby every night before bedtime to keep them happy and quiet, while massaging with gentle movements, about 15 per night?
About 20 minutes, if you persist for a long time, you can get good results.