Four dress tips for beauty and health

Four dress tips for beauty and health

We know that clothing is a must-have for beauty, and it’s also a piece of equipment to keep you warm, but have you heard that clothes can be related to health?

  Suggestion 1: Do n’t put too tight on your underwear to prevent “bra bra syndrome”. Some girls use small-sized bras for long periods of time, wearing over-tight bras, excessively restrained breasts, almost changing their shape, and serious consequences may also occur.

Some people feel symptoms of shoulder discomfort, chest tightness, dizziness, nausea, etc. This is because an over-tight bra restricts the movement of the respiratory muscles, resulting in insufficient ventilation.

It can also compress cervical muscles, blood vessels, and nerves that cause hypertension, causing numbness in the upper limbs, causing symptoms such as soreness.

It is recommended that female friends, especially girls in the developmental period, choose a bra of medium size and remove it when sleeping to keep the body in a relaxed state.

  Suggestion 2: Wear thin underwear with caution Experts say that thin underwear cannot lose weight.

The aunt in the body will not disappear due to the squeeze. Once the pressure is relieved, the body will immediately return to its original state.

Most of the slimming underwear are tights made of strong elastic fiber materials, which are not breathable, affect normal blood circulation and skin sweat discharge, easily cause bacterial infections, trigger inflammatory reactions, and may also suffer from vulvitis, vaginitis, and pelvic inflammation.
Long-term wearing of slimming clothes makes physical activity and muscles tight, to a certain extent, venous blood and viscera are divided to supply oxygen, which causes damage to the uterus and ovaries, causes irregular menstruation, reduced consumption functions, obesity, and fatigue.

  Slim underwear tightly wraps the abdomen, and the kidneys, spleen, liver, stomach, and intestines in the abdominal cavity are oppressed, which causes the internal organs and their nervous systems to be in a state of tension for a long time, resulting in reduced function and weakened digestive system functions, resulting in constipation.
In addition to tight underwear is not good for health, but also very “elegant”.

Sometimes when I see on the street that the inner pants are too tight, through the lines presented by the jeans, I can clearly see the traces of excess meat in front, which is difficult to see.

  Suggestion 3: Keep warm in spring and autumn. The climate is changeable, and the air-conditioned house has long-lasting coolness. Women should keep warm, wear low-waist pants, and show umbilical clothes.

Long-term wear of the waist and cold, kidney qi damage, people are afraid of cold, weakness, fatigue, less food, thin stools and other symptoms.

Cold in the umbilicus can affect the reproductive function of the human body, prone to diarrhea, irregular menstruation, and increase the risk of cystitis in young women.

I do n’t think it’s young now, but I get “sit” and get sick when I get old. This is what my grandma next door said.

  Suggestion 4: Try not to wear leather shoes with a long front face and a pointed heel. A large piece of commonly known as “kick the cow” is grown on the front face. This kind of shoes have narrow feet and long extension or long distance is the same as “torture.”

Heel shoes with high heels and sharpness are also bad for the body.

In addition to causing foot pain, numbness and other discomforts, it is also the culprit that causes waist and leg pain.

The heel is generally not higher than 3 cm, and the sole is preferably sloped.

  One more thing, it is better not to wear stiletto heels with copper nails.

Once on the bus, a young man whispered to his companion, “Be careful to stay away from the lady wearing high heels.

The last time I braked abruptly, a lady’s heel stepped on my foot, and I almost lost my breath.

Go to the hospital and see, “Good guy, all purple.”

Photos, more than 100 pieces of flowers.

Where are she wearing shoes, the whole weapon? “